How to define the entrepreneurial mother?

Having given this much thought, I offer the following as an appropriate definition at this stage, however I welcome any edits that are deemed worthy.

A definition in progress (adapted from AFRBoss Top 25 Entrepreneurs April 2005)

1. Passion
Every entrepreneurial mother started with a passion for what they are doing; regardless of whether it was about starting a project, starting and looking after the family, or contributing to the household purse.

2. Problem Orientation
The entrepreneurial mother mainly solves problems. For many it’s about doing something for partner/family/friends/colleagues and also stems into the greater good, that would enhance lives. They are passionate about providing quality to all.

3. Perserverance
Appreciation and even ‘success’ has been a long time coming for many of the entrepreneurial mothers, and most have worked long and hard at getting it as right for their circumstances as possible. It doesn’t happen overnight, but they have the determination and belief to keep going when many would have given up.

4. Once The Entrepreneurial Mother, Always The Entrepreneurial Mother
They do it again and again and again, reinventing themselves and their circumstances.

5. A Lack Of Orthodoxy
The entrepreneurial mother thinks of doing things differently: a box doubling as a castle, a new way of looking at the household financial planning, creative ways of dealing with mince! They put ends and means together in different permutations.

6. Values and A People-based Approach
The entrepreneurial mothers™ as individuals are very people focused. It’s evident in the way they talk to and about their partner/ family/ friends/colleagues and the greater good.

7. Delegation
The Entrepreneurial Mother, and those around them, can’t grow unless they understand their own strengths and are willing to delegate their weaknesses to others.

8. Vision
All entrepreneurial mothers have a vision of a making ‘Life’ work! – a big dream.

9. Map
The entrepreneurial mother will usually have some plan, structure about how they wish to achieve that life, always mindful though that they are making it up as they go along!

10. Fearlessness
About changing direction – If The Entrepreneurial Mothers hit a roadblock, they will find a new way to do things rather than give up.

11. Action Oriented
Timing, technology, support – all these things and more combine to make whatever it is work, and The Entrepreneurial Mother works smartly to bring it all together.

These qualities go some way to defining the entrepreneurial mother. They are a tall order in themselves. But as many who have tried and feel like they might occasionally “fail” will attest, it is what is required to be the entrepreneurial mother.

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