What Others Say!

“It was great chatting to you last week. I really got so much out of our discussion so thank you.

It seems so simple, but it’s the way you communicated the approach that made it clear. I spend so much of my time doing things that really don’t help grow my business. Now is the time that I should be out there promoting the program to ‘key’ people within the industry.

Thanks again for your advice and guidance – very helpful.”

Tina Nikolovski

“You are a bloody genius. You have done it so clearly and with your characteristic no-nonsense style that makes even an old cynic like me want to do it. And I will! When we had lunch in Feb I thought this EM thing was just an idea – it’s a fully developed arm of your business – or should be. Good on you.

I love YOUR work!!”

Sabi Chakman
Entrepreneurial MotherT, and fellow Gospel Tourer!

“Thank you so much for the book! Very exciting to see you in there and I immediately gobbled up your chapter last night as soon as I received it. You must have known I really needed something like that at the moment to give me a kick up the backside!

I am also taking it to my favourite cafe to read while I have lunch every day, which is pretty much a sanity break because unfortunately the new job is not what I want. I came home on Day 2 and said as much – you know when you know!

So I am exploring a few different options at the moment and will be writing my own chapter soon!”

Janet Troy
Entrepreneurial MotherT, and fellow Gospel Tourer

“Thank you so much for the book…you little star – nice work! I sat down and read it straight away (well your bit anyway). No doubt you will have lots of stories to tell me around the campfire!”

Karsten Horne
Reho Travel

“Thank you for sending me such an inspiring book. I began to read it last night, and as you know, the pages are filled with such awe inspiring women and their stories that you put it down knowing that women are beautiful, talented, strong, resilient human beings who silently achieve greatness – their way. .go girls!!!!”

Desley Wilson
Desron Consulting

“A big thank you for the wonderful book. Congratulations on getting in print in such a positive way – I am so looking forward to reading your chapter and getting inspired to be opportunistic and bold! It is a very generous gift and a great tribute to you and the women in it. Go ahead you talented lady. You deserve the accolades. You (and the fantastic Deirdre) run an excellent business.”

Tessa J McGuigan
Skills at Work

“Congratulations… this is great!!!
I can’t wait to read the chapter.”

Claudia Doria
Managing Director
Globally United Publishing

“Congrats Denise!! Obviously a job extremely well done. Got to give yourself some big hearty whacks on the back for proving to yourself, Ireland and the business world what an asset you are.

Good on you!!”

Elise Cann
Entrepreneurial Mother™

“Well done … I know you have been interviewed before for magazines but you must be particularly chuffed with this one.

Good picture of you and Ireland.”

Michelle Rogers
Director and Entrepreneurial Mother
The MOS Network

“Thank you so much for the book – I am enjoying every minute of it, and the inspiration could not have come at a better time for me – I was dragging my tail a bit, but am now very enthusiastic and moving forward again.

I reckon I might have to get the series!!”

Jennifer McLennan
Civil and Marriage Celebrant, and fellow Gospel Tourer

“You have always been an inspiration to me, and also a coach, mentor, business partner but above all a friend. You are indeed inspiring. having overcome a lot of hurdles that may have sent some women screaming, you have faced them all head-on in your interminable style. This workbook is a testament to that as it got me thinking. congratulations”

Deirdre Gruiters
Entrepreneurial Mother
Corporate Talent Agent – aCE talentNET

“Got your book today – always found you an inspiring woman! If only more Women (and men, for that matter) understood the simple things you say in your chapter, (and did them); we’d be in a very good place! Keep up the good work.”

Cindy Tonkin
The Consultants Consultant (Australia)

“Go girl! I am so proud of you. Stet that. I am even more proud of you. It’s great to see you conquering the business world. Your unique, irrepressible optimistic personality shone through the words. Thank you for the book. In fact, your “Denisisms” have far more power than quoting those other folks. You really have a special voice.”

Penny Tarrant
Blue Lime (New York)
Innovation Ideation & Insight

“Thank you for giving me BIG BIG surprise!!! Yes of course I have read your chapter and was inspired by you!! I have never read English book with curiosity before. SO that means YES you inspired me!!!!! Thank you for sending me your book and you always give me surprise, which I do love it!”

Yumi Sugiyama

“I want a personally signed book, your signature, ASAP.  We’ve always known that you are inspiring and now it is in publication for all the world to see. It’s so good, you have worked so hard and you are passionate which I’m sure is one of your qualities; you deserve it.”

Dianne Crawford
Entrepreneurial MotherTHuman Resources Manager
RAPP Australia

If you think that you really want to tackle this head on to achieve the goals you have set yourself and to facilitate a structure that will work best for you around time management for example, and doing it face-to-face is the way to achieve that, then please email me with details and I will contact you accordingly.

If you think there are enough others just like you and a group-facilitated day would work better for you, then again please email me with details and I will contact you accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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