Turning Social Capital Into Financial Capital…

By Marcia Conner for ChangeThis.com

Social media has the potential to dramatically improve the inner workings of every business. The connections can quickly cross business silos, inform decision making, educate people at all levels, and allow employees—especially new entrants—to pick up the natural rhythms of how people around them work. But only if the business allows access to social networks. And most don’t… read on

Wealth by Marketing… what an entrepreneurial way to do it!

A quick one today…

I have just enrolled in a 1-day event called “Wealth from Marketing”, so I thought I would share it with you also…

This event is bringing together 3 marketing legends including:

* Jay Conrad Levinson – the father of Guerrilla Marketing and
* Joel Roberts, one of the best Media & Communications experts in the world.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. If you want to join me, I have organised a free ticket for you, valued at $597.

Just click on the link below to get your tickets, with my compliments:

I hope to see you there
the entrepreneurial mother®

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