what to do when the diary is just way too full…


Just sometimes, Life seems to take over your diary, well it does mine at least. And that in turn leads to feeling really quite overwhelmed.

That’s because (I guess I’m similar to you) you don’t want to let anyone down. I most certainly don’t.

Should I have said no to a few things, probably. But when youré a solo-preneur, a solo-breadwinner and a solo-parent (a double parent actually!), you are often set to accept all that comes your way (within context) because usually something happens and not all comes together, all at once.

But in my case, at the moment, it has all come together and I am under the pump! Right now, I’m even feeling a little “Mother Hubbard” as Daughter will be living on cupboard leftovers soon if I’m not careful. Yes sure, I can get help but that also takes head space and time to arrange, which I don’t have right now. If only the EA of my dreams rolls up on my doorstep and takes over my diary and half the stuff that emanates from it.

Cinderella wanted a Prince.
Me? If a Prince relieves me of my diary, my to-do list build-up, then bring him on!


Pick your (personal) Exit Strategy….

Reading this “Pick your Exit Strategy” article in the Weekend Australian on Sunday had me reflecting on how much input I want to have in my own personal Exit Strategy…

How planned do I want to be?
How much easier do I want to make it for my nearest and dearest?
Is it actually making it easier, if I plan what I want and how?
Is it really about shielding others, or being in control for one last time?
Who knows?

I’m definitely a big one for Estate Planning, as I think that is only fair given I am the solo parent. But how far does that go? How far should it go?

Haven’t decided yet…..

A very special Mothers Day celebration, for those less fortunate…

Last Sunday (May 20) I had the good fortune to be asked to attend the 2nd Annual “Judith Horsnell Special Mothers Day” lunch. It all started like this…

… Christmas 2010, Webjet Marketing P/L made a generous donation to the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation.  Their PA, Judith Horsnell, prior to that time, had suggested to the staff to do away with Kris Kringle, and donate to a local charity instead; the Father Bob Maguire Foundation was chosen.

Tragically, Judith passed away suddenly, early in 2011.
A a special bond had been made however and since then, Webjet’s employees had been talking about the possibility of remembering Judith in a more tangible way, culminating in a Special” Mother’s Day Luncheon, (the Sunday after Mother’s Day), for 40 disadvantaged mothers from the South Melbourne / Port Melbourne area. The first function, in May 2011, was sponsored by Webjet & its employees & was held at the Emerald Hotel.

Webjet’s Finance Director, Mr Richard Noon, said that many of his staff felt the need to do something to remember Judith by, for her generosity to others.  This is really about an event for others, and at the same time, to remember Judith. In some way, do something that Judith would have felt special about,  Remember our friend, always helping others’.  We think this would make Judith smile…
This year, another “Special” Mother’s Day Luncheon was hosted at the same venue, for 50 disadvantaged mothers this time. Aagain sponsored by Webjet Marketing, in conjunction with the St Vincent de Paul Society.  
A great day was had by all. The food was delicious (and plenty of it!), the company delightful, and the door prizes pretty impressive. It was a pleasure and an honour to be involved.
What will 2013’s lunch bring…

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