PODCAST: talking “Are you ready to sell up?” with BEmedia

PODCAST: talking “Are you ready to sell up?” with BEmedia


Give yourself time – lots of it – if you want achieve the best outcome in selling your business.

This is what I said to the good folk at BEmedia production recently, when they interviewed me for their Business Essentials Audio Programs…

If you’re thinking about selling your business, how about giving yourself three years to plan it all? That’s how long exit strategist Denise Hall would like to prepare a business for sale. There’s much to consider, she says. And don’t forget that an important ingredient is YOU and want you want in life when your business is finally behind you. Denise offers a 5-point checklist on what you need to consider before selling up.

Listen to it all hear…

Want to start this process softly softly, then I invite you to complete the Sellability Score questionnaire. It will provide a line-in-the-sand starting point, from which to build the plan. Once completed, I’ll be the one contacting you to talk through your plans.

So, you’ve completed the #SellabilityScore questionnaire, now what?

So, you’ve completed the #SellabilityScore questionnaire, now what?

Lets have a chat, that’s what!
Whilst the BIG question, of course, is what do you see as your ultimate outcome…
To help get us there, with starting the process by doing the Sellability Score questionnaire, you now have a line-in-the-sand as to how your business stacks up within a worldwide sample set.
Indeed, a great place to start and I will send you the full report for your reading pleasure, if not already.
With your Score in mind, what do you want to explore in detail… is it more about?
1. “Improve the Score” = how to do the things that matter i.e. ideally making the business more Saleable?
2. “Selling” = how to go to market in the business’ current state, being guided by the market as to the price and where the value lies?
3. “Don’t Sell” = how to position the business as a possible “strategic acquisition” for another, enabling you to potentially stay involved past transition, post sale?
Answers to these will help guide me as to the best way to steer our discussion.

If you want to take the questionnaire, to determine your Score and get the process started then please do, with my compliments.

By way of introduction, in a little under 2 minutes, this video sets it out rather nicely.

Or, if you want to jump straight to it:
b)  click on “get started now”
c)  fill in your details and click “get score now”
d)  the “Sellability Score” questionnaire is then uploaded, ready for you to complete
I have been advised of your report being ready, I will be in touch.
Just so you know, Hurst Partners own the right to distribute the “Sellability Score” and I have their permission to utilise it.

Interview: spoke to @AbbieWidin about why it’s important to have an exit strategy for your business…


Late in 2014, I had the pleasure of chatting to Abbie Widin of oneextrazero.com about why it’s important to not only develop an exit strategy for your business, but to also treat it as an Asset as opposed to a job replacement, resulting in viewing it through a completely different lens.

The interview with Abbie started off like so:

I’ve been increasingly aware that so many women business owners have been busy building themselves jobs and not saleable assets. That might be fine for some, but many more don’t want to be the last to turn the lights out on their businesses.

What’s your plan to exit your business?

I decided to reach out to Denise Hall, exit strategist and the entrepreneurial mother ®…

Read the full interview here…

“score 80 or above” in your Sellability Score questionnaire…



how saleable is your business? find out with the SellabilityScore.com.au

Further to my post of April 28, lets explore the last of the elements in gaining a more favourable “Sellability Score” i.e. a more saleable asset. That is, “score 80 or above”. Of the 120+ Sellability Score questionnaires that I’ve viewed personally, none have reached 80 or above. None. Most business that look to go to market through the sale process are not ready to gain the premium price they’re after. Does this apply to your business too? If you are able to bring any of below to life in your business:

  • operating in growth industry i.e. being in the “right place at right time”
  • geographical scalability is an option
  • less ongoing customisation is required i.e. there is a standard formula used for all clients
  • size matters; the larger company the better = past $3mil in revenue gets better multiples
  • under management, not run by owner
  • growing companies i.e. showing a growth rate of 30% or more
  • monopoly control is obvious i.e. what’s the barrier to entry, how is it actually unique
  • score 80 or above

I strongly encourage you to do so… If you’re interested in taking the questionnaire to see how your fare, please go to www.sellabilityscore.com.au 

TEMpting: how Business Sellers and Buyers have been tempted this week…

What are you waiting for? GET YOUR SCORE…

[If any of the following tickle your fancy, please contact me by emailing sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com letting me know which one it is…]

 BS9 = Specialist Leadership and Talent Management Provider

Completed Sellability Score.
Looking to a 2013-14 kick off, getting all ducks in a row in the meantime.
BS14 Leading Book Supplier
Completed Sellability Score
Financials received, more to come. Currently going through refinancing dramas!



BS19 Leading Wedding Services Provider
1st meeting had, waiting on Stage 2 financials – meeting to be set
BS22 Business “Consultancy”
Completed Sellability Score
Stage 2 of process in play = Confidential Data Analysis

BS23 Health and Well Being Studio
engagement locked in

BS26 Professional Services
Completed Sellability Score
“Business Planning; in Reverse!” session conducted, decision due end of July.
BS27 Training Services Provider
via Linked In
Stage 3 of process in play = Pricing and Proposal
BS28 Manufacturer
Completed Sellability Score
Referral, greatly appreciated. Stage 1 and 2 of process in play = 1st meeting June 20 and financials requested
BS29 Accountancy
Referral, greatly appreciated. First meeting postponed to August.
BS30 Online Business
Completed Sellability Score
Had started down process, but stalled…now back on track
BS31 Pub and Restaurant
Referral, greatly appreciated. 20% minority shareholder who is desperate to get over. Discussed options…
BS32 Vending Machines
Completed Sellability Score
Looking to move interstate and looking to divest themselves of profitable business. Stage 1 of process in play = 1st meeting
The “Sellability Score” reports continue to dribble in each and every week.
More calls to make as a result and more emails to send 🙂
Onwards and Upwards!


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