Stop Selling and Start Storytelling…

“After a lot of thought, it’s pretty apparent to me what the most valuable overall skill is for future CEOs and world changers—the ability to tell a story. We live in a world where we are sold to hundreds of times a day and have become ridiculously blind to those trying to sell us something. But we’re always up for a good story.

Storytelling is what made us love the advertisements in magazines that, as children, we would rip out and put on our walls and asleep under with inspired awe. Stories are the most powerful form of inspiration and persuasion in the world.”

By Jason L. Baptiste for

#sellbusiness: Fear of the Exit… It subsides the closer you get!

As my ex-Lecturer Tom McKaskill notes in his column for Smart Company

It is widely acknowledged that a significant portion of private firms will be coming onto the market over the next 10 years as the baby boomer generation nears retirement.

While some have family members to pass the business onto and others will reach an arrangement with employees to buy out their interests, most will be seeking to sell their businesses. With this background, it is hard to understand why so many fail to confront the issue and fail to undertake business and personal planning to provide the best outcome from such an event.

Some founders simply don’t want to let go of their baby. They have often put the best years of their life into building a robust business and the thought that someone else will take control is impossible for them to accept. While they know that a sale is inevitable, they are simply unwilling to spend any time planning for it because it means they are acknowledging they will be selling their business….

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