buy | sell websites; here’s what I need in order to pique my interest…


So you have a website to sell.
You want to come and talk to me about it but you’re not sure about what’s involved.
Here’s what I will ask of you.

Apart from standard questions I ask, mainly around the history of the site, why it started, it’s story really, I will need to see the following to substantiate revenue/income and traffic/statistics:

  • screen shots of what you use to collect the monies
    for example: PayPal, Adsense, affiliates, etc
  • Screen shots or PDFs of the Google “Analytics” summary

Ideally these are for the duration that the site has been running.

With any of this information, please blacken out any personal details not relevant to me, like bank account details etc.

These are the basics required to ascertain what you’ve got and how you prove it.


buy | sell websites; is it like buying any other business?


Back not so long ago, there were the boom-and-bust years of the WWW when companies paid big bucks for what appeared to be unprofitable online businesses/websites. A sort of gold fever gripped investors: some became almost instant millionaires and others, well many others went the other way, in a big way!

Since the bubble burst, however, the online market has established at a more measured and sustainable pace. Trends show that there are sites that continue to increase in value across the board and the trend remains upward.

This environment presents ample opportunity for successful speculation. Just like the physical property market, the online property market is rightly being regarded by many as a great place to make not just a quick profit, but—potentially—a living.

As with a property, you can buy a web site and have it increase in value over time without having to do anything but maintain it (although the value of physical property depends on the scarcity of real estate, which is unlikely ever to be a problem online!). [“Flipping Websites for Profit“]

As with any business purchase, there are steps to this process:
1. Locating an online business you want to buy
2. Negotiating and completing the sale
3. Adding value to the business
4. Making the decision what to do next – do I keep it? or do i sell it?
5. If part of an existing business’ online strategy, is it doing its job? has it lived up to expectations? is it time to buy another one perhaps?

Lets look at Step 1.
How do you find an online business to buy?
Do you know of one being sold, that you’re interested in?
How do you know what you’re looking at, really? How do you analyse it?

I’ll into more detail about these points next week…

Buy | Sell websites – got one to sell?

Buy | Sell Websites


So I’ve been shopping haven’t I.
Keen to make my next purchase.
But… the ones I’ve looked at in the past week just haven’t met the mark.

That said, I’m assuming that more websites will definitely come on the market progressively over the next weeks, once everyone is back in the swing of things, post the festive season.

I must say though… how addictive is Flippa!

I can get lost for hours trawling through all the sites on sale, most of which don’t meet my criteria but then it’s a bit like any shopping really. You can spend a whole lot of time doing it even though you have something quite specific in mind. I’m confident I’ll have found just the thing to purchase by this time next week.

If you have a website you’d like to sell and want me to have a look at, please drop me a line to

Happy to explore that as an option with you…


buy | sell websites – “shopping” has commenced…


This week I’ve been “shopping” for websites.
Plenty around but not many I’m all that interested in. Mainly because even though they may look pretty, there’s been no real revenue-generating thought put into them. Yes, in some cases that can offer opportunity for me, agreed. But not at the asking prices!

Buying and selling a a website is no different to buying and selling a business.
Just because the owner of the site has spent, in some cases, a lot of money to get the site functioning the way it does, it does not automatically mean the site is worth that much.

If it is nothing more than a really expensive “brochure”, the value as such will usually be negligible to a potential buyer. What a seller wants to be able to demonstrate, to illustrate value, is only two things… traffic (incl. database) and revenue.

If neither of these is able to be validated, then realistic interest in the site will be no more than it is for the construction of an average site, regardless of the bells and whistles. That said, there’s always the exception whereby the site holds some strategic value and will save the potential buyer a lot of effort. They, however, are few and far between…

If you have a website you’d like me to have a look at, please email details to

do you have a website for sale?


Whilst each of you are determining your own Online Business Strategy, I’ve been working on mine. That is, I am now in hot pursuit of Online Businesses and websites as a potential purchase for myself and/or my network of potential buyers… Do you have one?

Is your Online Business/website:

  • profitable?
  • traffic savvy?
  • niche driven?
  • older than 12 months?
  • ready to be sold?
  • priced to buy?

If yes to any of the above, please contact me at advising the above details and the best way to contact you?

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