#sellbusiness Good at Selling? How to Sharpen Your Sales Strengths…

There is no single right way to sell. In fact, we believe there are as many ways to sell as there are salespeople.
After all, everyone lives by selling something… including selling your business…

Does that feel liberating? We hope so. If you enjoy sales, if you’re good at it, and if you’re finding some of the success you want, you possess a rare ability—and you should celebrate it. You’re someone who can do this job. And if you’re trying to follow a method or emulating a sales hero and it’s not working, it might not be your fault.

Who you are is who you should be.

You’ll be most successful at the sale of your business if you make the most of who you are.

And by that, we mean using your natural talents—the ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that come naturally to you.

By Tony Rutigliano, Brian Brim for ChangeThis.com

Learning from Lionel Logue, The King’s Speech…

The latest from aCE talentNET consultant Elliot Epstein of Salient Communication…

If you haven’t seen the Geoffrey Rush/Colin Firth movie The King’s Speech yet, then I recommend you go and see it and be aware that this article will disclose its characters and plots.

The King’s Speech has some great lessons for us in how to sell as well as consult and advise senior level clients.

This true story revolves around two key characters, King George VI and Lionel Logue, an unorthodox Australian Speech Therapist.

The King reluctantly ascends the throne after his brother runs away with Mrs. Simpson (you remember the story or were you staring at that cute girl/boy in class when this piece of history was being taught).

The King has an awful stammer which is not a great presentation technique when you’re about to galvanise the nation with your words to face the onslaught of World War 2.

After feeble and failed attempts by so called ‘experts’ to remedy the King’s stammer, he is dragged by his wife (the late Queen Mother) to see the odd Antipodean, Lionel Logue.

Does any of this sound familiar so far? Companies that have tried in vain to solve important problems despite numerous attempts with four or five suppliers, suddenly arrive at your office. Now what do you do? read on…

EXCEPTIONALL…the rise of new powerhouses in new brands

www.trendwatching.com. One of the world’s leading trend firms, trendwatching.com sends out its free, monthly Trend Briefings to more than 160,000 subscribers worldwide… here is the latest

With the entire world now battling it out in the consumer arena, the number of innovations aimed at consumers from Brazil to Belgium is staggering. Enjoy!

EXCEPTIONALL | “Exceptional B2C (business to consumer) innovations will increasingly come from all corners of the globe, with brands and talent from emerging markets in particular getting ready to shine.”

Now that virtually the entire world has joined the consumer arena, prepare for an avalanche of new brands, entrepreneurs and innovations from ‘emerging’ markets that will have global potential and appeal. From aggressive Chinese brands to Turkish creatives to Brazilian apparel, we’re seeing a sharp increase in world-class companies that can and will compete for consumers’ Dollars, Reais, Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Rands, or Liras.

Sure, the expansion of global markets creates new opportunities for existing well-known brands, but the real story of the rise of these new powerhouses is the new brands that are making waves, both within their domestic markets, but increasingly outside these, competing and even beating the established, entrenched incumbents at their own game. One thing’s for certain – the range of brands that consumers covet will be even more diverse in twenty, ten or even five years… read on

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