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Thinking of starting a business or in business and being kept awake at night worrying about cash flow and where your business is headed?

Then this half day workshop is for you!

Whatever your situation or objective, writing a business plan can make a huge difference to your chances of success. It’s like having a map of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. This seminar will highlight the difference a business plan can make, and then show you how to develop and use your own plan to gain a real competitive advantage.

With the changing economic landscape, an Online Strategy is essential for any business new or old. Hear tips on how to develop an effective Online Strategy to ensure your online presence drives business outcomes.

You’ve heard the saying cash is king.  Lack of cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail.  In this session, learn some important tips that will help ensure you have a steady cashflow stream.

You’ll also hear from an inspiring business owner (that will be me in Melbourne!) and have the opportunity to network and meet like-minded women throughout the workshop.

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Very Excited to be Westpac Ruby Connection W@W of the Month…

RubyConnectionW@W Denise Hall

Smart ways out – starting with the end in mind can make a real difference to your bottom line, says business strategist Denise Hall. “

This is how the piece about me is introduced in the latest Westpac Ruby Connection enewsletter starts, and it goes on to say…

“We discuss the business lifecycle and we talk about start-up and growth. Maybe, we get a few tips about exiting the business. In my opinion finishing unfinished business – starting with the end in mind – deserves the same consideration as birth and growth or you risk losing out or even packing it away, without satisfaction,” says Denise.

I haven’t figured out why, yet, but very few business owners regard their business as an asset,” Denise continues.

A ‘sellability score’, helping you tick off the boxes around what buyers look for in a business can be a very helpful tool and it’s one that Denise has accessed, for anyone to use. The take-home message for sellers: buyers buy profit not potential.

Very pleased and excited that the message of “Finishing Unfinished Business” and even as importantly, the notion of building a business as an asset is slowly but surely getting out there. Clearly Westpac and the Ruby Connection see it as a topic worth sharing.

Even better to see this int he same publication as the launch this years 100 Women of Influence Awards. I’ll be curious to see how many of them are business owners who have built an asset, way larger than they had initially thought… time will tell


You SELL Your Business, Now What?

I came across this article recently, making the very valid point that:

“Selling your business is a landmark event, often accompanied by emotions ranging from sheer joy to deep regret.  Proper planning can help ensure this is a time to be celebrated—years of hard work have paid off!—by alleviating the stress and anxiety related to your exit.”

And then it went on to discuss the virtues of this, but from a purely financial position only. There is so much more to selling a business than just the financials!

The very reason you’re selling it would indicate that. If it is just about “cashing in your Super”, then so be it. But what if it’s about:

  • getting out of a business partnership that no longer serves you or what you want to achieve with the business?
  • failing health being the prompt?
  • you actually wanting to do the something else you’ve always dreamed of doing, before it’s too late?

And just as importantly, what if this has been your “identity” for many years? What about this cash machine that you built, which has fed and clothed and schooled you and your family? This is not a decision to be taken lightly, or quickly.

These require just as much thinking as the financial considerations, especially when pulling on the heartstrings. Don’t let your head be the only ruler in this decision making process…

Are you sick of 7 Steps this, and 5 Secrets that?

I know I am!
Especially when there appears to be no substance behind the claims.

No doubt, rolled up in amongst the stuff are nuggets of truth, and even a little real life experience. But across the board, most are guilty of well-intentioned theory at best. As for execution based on actual practice, seems to be sadly lacking.

Succession Planning is a case in point. By virtue of the use of the word “planning”, it is theory based – it has to be. What you need to be really mindful of is:

o       Is it actually a plan that can be executed?

o       Is it a plan you really want to execute, if push came to shove?

Planning has it’s role, but it is certainly not the be all and end all.

The proof in the pudding will always be when the DOing takes place.
And when you need the DOing to take place, do yourself a favour and instead find 7 Facts in this, and 5 Facts in that….

Pick your (personal) Exit Strategy….

Reading this “Pick your Exit Strategy” article in the Weekend Australian on Sunday had me reflecting on how much input I want to have in my own personal Exit Strategy…

How planned do I want to be?
How much easier do I want to make it for my nearest and dearest?
Is it actually making it easier, if I plan what I want and how?
Is it really about shielding others, or being in control for one last time?
Who knows?

I’m definitely a big one for Estate Planning, as I think that is only fair given I am the solo parent. But how far does that go? How far should it go?

Haven’t decided yet…..

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