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So I’ve been shopping haven’t I.
Keen to make my next purchase.
But… the ones I’ve looked at in the past week just haven’t met the mark.

That said, I’m assuming that more websites will definitely come on the market progressively over the next weeks, once everyone is back in the swing of things, post the festive season.

I must say though… how addictive is Flippa!

I can get lost for hours trawling through all the sites on sale, most of which don’t meet my criteria but then it’s a bit like any shopping really. You can spend a whole lot of time doing it even though you have something quite specific in mind. I’m confident I’ll have found just the thing to purchase by this time next week.

If you have a website you’d like to sell and want me to have a look at, please drop me a line to

Happy to explore that as an option with you…


do you have a website for sale?


Whilst each of you are determining your own Online Business Strategy, I’ve been working on mine. That is, I am now in hot pursuit of Online Businesses and websites as a potential purchase for myself and/or my network of potential buyers… Do you have one?

Is your Online Business/website:

  • profitable?
  • traffic savvy?
  • niche driven?
  • older than 12 months?
  • ready to be sold?
  • priced to buy?

If yes to any of the above, please contact me at advising the above details and the best way to contact you?

What has playing in the Online space revealed so far?


That most Business Owners do not understand Online in terms of their business strategy not only misses the opportunity it presents but how it even relates to what they do and how saleable it will make the business when the time comes.

I quite often hear Business Owners, when asked about their Online Strategy, say:

  • “I know I should be doing something about the whole thing but I don’t have the time”
  • “I have a website, isn’t that enough?”
  • “What do you mean ‘how well’s it doing for me?’, what can it do exactly?”
  • etc…

What I know is that potential Buyers are asking about the Online Strategy of the existing bricks and mortar business almost every time, as part of their consideration when looking to buy. And, they will discount the price the Seller wants because it is has not been developed or activated.

If Online is not part of the current revenue mix of the business then it will not be factored into the price. As my learned colleague Robert Hurst says, “what Buyers buyer is profit, why they buy it is potential.”

If a Buyer sees the potential, that will be a reason to purchase. But, they will not pay more for the opportunity to do so, other than what is actually presented at a particular point of time. If the Business Owner has not brought an Online Strategy to bear fruit, then the privilege of doing so will go to the next owner.

So what to do about it? If creating and implementing an Online Strategy was easy to do then every Business Owner would do it in a heartbeat! In actual fact, from where I sit right now, it is not that hard but you need to be asking the right questions and developing the solutions to make it work.

My 2014 adventure will be all about understanding the questions and the solutions in detail…

2014 – the year of BUYing and SELLing websites and the Online Strategy…


The next stage of my “service” development is now upon me; concentrating on the BUYing and SELLing of websites from the view point of the website being a profit centre in it’s own right… 

This journey all started some time ago when I had the good fortune of meeting Matt and Liz Raad. At the time, I was heavily involved in selling my Mother of a Business, aCE talentNET and I enrolled in their “How to Buy and Sell a Business” program to assist me.

aCE talentNET was sold July 2011. It was at this time I morphed into the Exit Strategist and Business Broker that I am today.

The Raads have now morphed into experts on the Buy | Sell of websites and having had success last time, I’m not going to let the opportunity to work with them again go by, especially when in my niche.

Given my passion is to assist Business Owners to  GET OUT, what has become painfully obvious is that most are nowhere near ready. Well, not in terms of maximising the full capability of the sale that is!

And most fall down at the Online Strategy.
This is not hard to rectify but as with anything, the Business Owner has to want to see it and DO something about it.

Having already started down this path of specialising in Online Businesses in the Brokering space, this year I embark on amercing myself in all aspects of the Online space, with a commercial sensibility and sharing my learning, activities and wins/loses with you.

Diarising this for the year will indeed be a most informative and ideally rewarding way to spend 2014… time will tell.

How to Buy and Sell Websites!…the Perfect Mother of a Business

Looks good doesn’t it? What perfect online business opportunities. What progressive business ideas.
I know how excited I got when I first understood the power of the possibility

My friends Matt and Liz Raad are running their last “How To Buy and Sell Websites” Workshop for the year, and I have secured some special guest tickets that I thought you would be interested in.

Why do I think you should be paying attention? 🙂
Given the level of interest I’ve seen in selling websites over the last months, and what I’ve since learned from Matt and Liz, the online Buy and Sell of Websites is a market experiencing considerable growth, and destined to be a major player… get in now!

They reveal how you can take advantage of the online “virtual real estate boom” by making money online that is happening right now by showing step-by-step how you can buy and sell websites for massive profit.

To find out more and reserve your complimentary guest seats, click here

The feedback from the attendees of the last event was fantastic – here’s some of the comments:

“Absolutely well worth investing 3 days to learn how to create a lifetime of passive income”

“This wasn’t what I expected…my eyes have been opened to new possibilities!”

“Definitely worth doing”

“You’d be mad to miss of the most value packed workshops ever”

“If you are interested in making money on the internet, DON’T MISS THIS SEMINAR!”

So if you like the idea of finding “rundown” websites, renovating them quickly and then selling for a profit or keeping as a cash-cow…

And if you would you like to grow your passive income, and make the most of the new online real estate boom without having to be a tech-wizz,

Book in now before it’s too late!

Make sure you use the ticket code “TEM GUEST” so you aren’t charged for the tickets.
Come and join the revolution that is online business opportunities…


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