ARTICLE: “Start with the End in Mind”

ARTICLE: “Start with the End in Mind”

Recently, the 2nd of my articles for the motivations was published.
Most pleasing! And it goes like this…

During the Retirement and Estate Planning process, “Ownership of Assets” forms part of the discussion. Where one of the assets is a business, and it is a primary contributor to the Estate, it makes perfect sense to ask a number of provoking, asset-protection, risk-minimisation questions.

The questions are best offered from both a proactive and a reactive viewpoint.

Taking such initiative is paramount for ALL business owners who seriously want to successfully transition their business while they are in the best position to do so. In most cases however, business owners will not have commenced the all-important discussion about what to do when the time has come to finish, to exit, to essentially not run their business any more, whether that be by choice or otherwise.

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Pick your (personal) Exit Strategy….

Reading this “Pick your Exit Strategy” article in the Weekend Australian on Sunday had me reflecting on how much input I want to have in my own personal Exit Strategy…

How planned do I want to be?
How much easier do I want to make it for my nearest and dearest?
Is it actually making it easier, if I plan what I want and how?
Is it really about shielding others, or being in control for one last time?
Who knows?

I’m definitely a big one for Estate Planning, as I think that is only fair given I am the solo parent. But how far does that go? How far should it go?

Haven’t decided yet…..

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