“you can only get so far on gut feelings and optimism”


OK, so you’ve got the idea. The next best breakthrough thing. Good for you. Now what?
Many spend a whole heap of time building the thing for show and tell purposes, in the hope of it being a roaring success. Wrong!
Instead, spend the time, energy and money on creating the market first, doing the business stuff first, in order to know what to spend your time, energy and money on.

Where are you up to?

“It is one of our saddest economic statistics: More than half small businesses fail within a few years of startup. Unlike the cheery pictures presented in advertising or the success stories showcased on Shark Tank, a significant percentage of fledgling enterprises sputter and eventually die. Only 1 in 43 has any employees after 10 years. These startups don’t create much economic value. The vast majority don’t even earn as much for their founders as those people could have earned working for someone else. Dreams die, jobs are lost, and communities lose their vitality.

It does not have to be this way. In fact, if we want a robust economy with job growth, we must do something about it. I think that the solution is deceptively simple: entrepreneurs should stop thinking so much about the idea behind the business and focus instead on how to lead it.”

Against the Odds: Startups that Make It By Derek Lidow for ChangeThis.com


The Webjet “Judith Horsnell” Memorial Lunch…

The Webjet “Judith Horsnell” Memorial Lunch…


Fr Bob Maquire at the annual Judith Horsnell memorial lunch

Sunday (yesterday) I had the good fortune to be asked to attend and MC the 3rd Annual “Judith Horsnell Mothers Day” lunch. It all started like this…

… Christmas 2010, Webjet Marketing P/L made a generous donation to the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation. Their PA, Judith Horsnell, prior to that time, had suggested to the staff to do away with Kris Kringle, and instead, donate to a local charity; the Father Bob Maguire Foundation was chosen.

Tragically, Judith passed away suddenly, early in 2011.
A a special bond had been established however and since then, Webjet’s employees talked about the possibility of remembering Judith in a more tangible way, culminating in a “Mother’s Day Luncheon with a twist”, (the Sunday after Mother’s Day), for 40 disadvantaged mothers from the South Melbourne / Port Melbourne area.As a result, the first function held at the Emerald Hotel in May 2011, was sponsored by Webjet and its employees.
Webjet’s Finance Director (at the time), Mr Richard Noon, said that,  “many of his staff felt the need to do something to remember Judith by, for her generosity to others. This is really an event for others and at the same time, to remember Judith. In some way, do something that Judith would have felt special about. We remember our friend, always helping others. We think this would make Judith smile…”
This year, the “Special” Mother’s Day Luncheon was hosted at the same venue, for 50 disadvantaged mothers this time. Again sponsored by Webjet Marketing, in conjunction with the Fr Bob Maquire, St Vincent de Paul Society and Sacred Heart Mission.
A great day was had by all. The food was delicious (and plenty of it!), the company delightful, the flowers gorgeous, the book “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” and the door prizes greatly appreciated and quite frankly, pretty impressive. It was a pleasure and an honour to be involved.
What will 2014’s lunch bring…

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