EVENT: Mummy Mentoring Festival is on NOW. Book a session with me NOW.

EVENT: Mummy Mentoring Festival is on NOW. Book a session with me NOW.

Did you know you can win a 30min mentoring session with some of the most amazing business women in Australia for the price of a cuppa!? Including 3 sessions with me.

@MotivatingMumOz is currently running Mummy Mentoring Festival, where 23 mentors have donated 45 mentoring sessions, all in the name of raising funds for @sharethedignity. This amazing charity oversees a number of initiatives that give back to Australian women and children in need, with a particular focus on victims of domestic violence.

Last bids are 10pm on Sept 25 so pop on over and take a  look now: http://bit.ly/1Yxa8OY

CASE STUDY: From $6 to $5668 per qtr in GST in just 3 years…

CASE STUDY: From $6 to $5668 per qtr in GST in just 3 years…

Who would think it is pleasing to use Tax as a Growth Indicator?
This story from one of my charges (Julie Demczuk of www.exclusivepmg.com.au) just this week, got to love a share such as this:

I’m sitting in my office on my own thinking about when I first started the business.

 I remember saying to my bookkeeper I can’t wait until I start paying GST.  I was so excited when my first GST bill was $6.

 After three  years my GST bill for the last quarter is $5,668.
What an amazing difference.

What an amazing difference indeed! Whilst I haven’t contributed directly to her growth numbers, she is one the amazing number of Women Business Owners who are building their business as an asset, ready to be saleable when the time comes  (which may be right round the corner!)
So very proud of this entrepreneurial mother.

Just think how well off the new owner of a business like this will be. Not only is the thing well-established, if $5000+ of GST is being paid quarterly, then the revenue has to reflect same. Much more palatable when compared to waiting for revenue as a start-up… Interested in knowing more? Please drop me a line at info@theentrepreneurialmother.com.au

Some would say “why?”, others, “why not?” 

Some are born to start, build and hold for as long as it takes.
Some are born to start, build and pass the baton on.

Which one are you?

met another fabulous little retailer today…

Here’s the background…

A driven and caring entrepreneurial mother, who wanted to buy something specific in Australia for her child, couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she took it upon herself to rectify that problem.

To her credit, she morphed into a woman business owner (during her long-service leave break) and has turned this need into the most delightful shop, not only addressing what she needed to at the time but also making many, many more children happy, very happy since.

All hail to her…

I know, there’ll be a number of you thinking “I’ve done the same thing, what’s the big deal?” Are you now the leader in your field? Do you have the major retailers sending people to you? Are you now doing close to 7-figure turnover? Have you built your Mother of a Business into an Asset, ready to take to the market? 

if not, there’s the difference…

“The World Needs Female Entrepreneurs Now More Than Ever”…

Indeedy, it does!

The key point I’d like to point out in this fine article is this:

Becoming an Entrepreneur does not require
any shifts in corporate culture.

In fact, becoming a Business Owner does not require changing any societal norms at all. It does require however a distinct shift in your own internal thinking in combination with your family’s particular circumstances.

So… why not be opportunistic and bold in 2012, and become a “3%” member? (refer last post)

You can always tap into the entrepreneurial mothers group if you need support…


Join my “Mothers Group” – Viv did and look what’s happened…

As Viv has discovered, there’s a lot more to being a successful Mother and building a Mother of a Business than just dreaming about it every day.   It’s about behaving in a manner which builds a genuine business. It’s about having the confidence to do whatever you dream of achieving. And most of all it’s about Mothering as you want PLUS earn what you need to earn (and a whole lot more!).

WoWGreenGuideArtictle_Oct11smlViv McDonald is going places with
“The Web of Wheels”

So much so, she featured on p21 of the recent Green Guide in The Age newspaper.

Viv came to join my Mothers Group after previous attempts at really firing up The Web on Wheels. It would appear that this time she has done just that! Congratulations.

the entrepreneurial mother® Mothers Group has been developed in response to an overwhelming number of requests asking me to share my knowledge. However the majority wanted more than just help.  They wanted to transform their Mother of a Business, they wanted to start achieving.  And they wanted real backing to do it.  Not simple once off help, not just electronic help but  live and timely ongoing structured interactive support.

Is It a Sin For You To Want More?
Organise a Mothers Group of your own and/or Join mine and
You’ll Be Gaining More Than Just Profit

This is my way of truly demonstrating how you can to Learn to Earn and Build a Mother of a Business as an Asset, in your own guilt-free school hours.

I value my fellow entrepreneurial mothers because word of mouth and recommendation is the most effective form of marketing known to the human race, and the most flattering!

Hold your own Mothers Group, and/or Join Mine and
You Could Be On Your Way to Much More
Than You Had First Imagined…

Give me One Lunch, One Evening, and I’ll Get You Started…

Organise 8 or more people in a room, and I will come!
Think Mothers Group with a Twist.
Think Party Plan for your Business!

It’s as simple as that. (Australia only at this stage I’m afraid, although other destinations will be considered)

Whether it’s to be in the school hall, the church hall, the classroom, the lunch room or your lounge room; and I will be there to talk all things Mother of a Business, and Starting with the End in Mind TODAY, regardless of how old your business is…

Or you can join my existing Mothers Group where you get to talk to me and the likes of Viv, on a regular basis…

Interested in finding out more?
Either email my invitation or request information to info@theentrepreneurialmother.com 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you…


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