Employ Contractors? READ THIS…

and it won’t matter what size you are…

Organisations engaging contractors should be on notice.

With Unions pushing the Federal Government to limit the number of independent contractors, on the basis that contractors are disadvantaged and better placed in traditional employee/employer roles with full entitlements, many organisations may be forced to put contractors on the payroll.

Putting contractors on the payroll means organisations have to foot the bill for all employment costs such as PAYG, superannuation, annual leave, etc Contractors may lose better pay rates, tax advanatges and the flexibility in their work… read on

Contractor Double Jeopardy” by Brad Twentyman for Human Capital magazine…

How Will I Expand My Business?

Proudly brought to you by Ken Phillips (Exec. Dir.) and
the team at “>ICA UK friends, the Professional Contractors Group, conducted a National Freelancers Day. This huge national event celebrated the importance of self-employment, which is as large in the UK as it is in Australia. As with us in Australia, PCG are working on regulatory reform, particularly tax reform.

But with the National Freelancers Day, it was the contractors (freelancers) who were the stars. In a series of short video clips we can pick up really good practical tips from people ‘living’ the same business struggle as ourselves on topics such as:

* How will I grow my business next year?
* What is my long-term plan?
* How can I increase my perceived value?
* How can I adapt and thrive in a buyer’s market?

We’ve linked to these as well as the National Freelancers Day website. Go to: http://www.nationalfreelancersday.org.uk/cms/

Look, in particular, for the video clip series of superstar ‘big mouth’ Joe Bauer on his ‘your business cards are cr..p’ series! It’s strangely compelling.

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