Where Small Business Has It All Over Large Business…


I had received a SOS from a dear old colleague of mine, who needed help with a project in Melbourne. Not wanting to have just anyone in there, given the delicate nature of the work… I agreed!

So today, I dusted off my old Consulting hat and spent time on Client site for the first time in a long time.

Whilst my visit will be quick and focused, being back in a corporate environment reminded me of why I much prefer Small Business! Talk about struggling to get stuff done and bottlenecks and pillars of paper and ruling by fear or favour… in one day, all was revealed.

Small business is definitely a whole lot more agile and can jump more readily through the hoops, sometimes required. However, like many businesses I see, this company is making money in spite of itself, lots of it.

By virtue of making oodles of money though, does that mean the processes have to be so archaic to warrant keeping the people they do? I’m not suggesting jobs be cut but streamlined processes will leave them to do the stuff they’re really good at!

Once a Small Business can nail the nimble to the cashflow and not only out-fox but also out-deliver their larger counterparts, the sooner they to will bask in the delight of making money in spite of themselves..,,

To Get Clear Is To Be Clear…

MoneyBagToday I spent time in a meeting that I had arranged but was being led by another party. The reason for the meeting was to help the Business Owners “get clear”…

“Get Clear”about what? About their options, as opposed to pinging around from one option to another in the hope that one sticks!

This is what happens when you don’t know who to talk to, nor do you know how to find the right person. Mind you, it happens to all of us when we are moving into new territory!

When it’s a big ticket item like hanging on to 100% of your business that is on the cusp of greatness, where capital raising is required, there’s nothing more disheartening than to find you not only don’t meet bank criteria and the accountant offers you details on your situation but is not able to direct you much further, unless you’ve got family and friends with deep pockets, what do you do?

Fortunately I was in a position to assist these particular clients, hence the meeting today.  The beauty about the meeting today was having a learned colleague who could ask all the right questions and have a pretty clear idea on how to assist.

It went so well that a proposal is under construction… Fingers crossed it all works out so they can win the “first prize” they’re after!


Cure the (Self-Inflicted) Chaos First…

Regardless of size, or what you call your business, company, organization…

“More than 80 percent of improvement efforts fail to make a discernible difference in overall business performance, regardless of the improvement methodology in use.

The reason isn’t a flaw in the methodologies, but a flaw inside of companies. Organizations in all sectors fail to meet their full potential because of self-inflicted chaos. I’m not talking about acute cases of chaos brought on by external events over which a company has little control, such as sudden supply chain disruptions, new regulations, or economic downturns. I’m talking about chronic long-term chaos brought about by ambiguity, lack of focus, inconsistency—habits and behaviors that organizations can control but choose not to.

Self-inflicted chaos is an insidious disease that must be addressed before any meaningful improvement in performance can be achieved.”

By Karen Martin for ChangeThis.com

The How Manifesto: Why How Business Gets Done Around the World is the New Competitive Advantage, and New Metrics for a New Reality…

It’s all about the Business Model… as it always is…

“’How?’ is not just a question. HOW is the answer.

HOW. We’ll see that word a lot in this manifesto. Simply stated, HOW is the belief that in our more interconnected and interdependent world, we rise and fall together. The way to forge a better, more sustainable path of growth and progress lies in the realm of human behavior—HOW we do what we do. The days of “It’s not personal; it’s just business” are over. We truly have entered the Era of Behavior.

Leaders have become successful at measuring “how much” by out-selling and out-spending. But instead of asking “how much”, we should be examining HOW. How we behave, lead, consume, build trust in our relationships, and relate to others has always mattered but in an age when everything can be tweeted and blogged about and where there is no such thing as private behavior, HOW matters more than ever and in ways it never has before.”

By Dov Seidman for ChangeThis.com


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