The truth about overseas business buyers with ‘deep pockets’…

The truth about overseas business buyers with ‘deep pockets’…

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On the road to selling your business you will likely come face to face with someone claiming that they can sell your business to an overseas buyer for more than it is worth. Despite recent actions taken by the ACCC against unscrupulous vendors making these claims, the myth about overseas buyers continues to plague business sellers.

Advertising overseas will cost as much if not more than it does in Australia and knowing the truth about overseas buyers could save you a lot of wasted money.

So, if you’re thinking of selling your business through a business agency now or at any time down the road, take the time to arm yourself with the myths and facts about overseas buyers.

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The truth about overseas business buyers with ‘deep pockets’…

How to price your business without ruining your business sale…

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Let’s just get this out of the way: there is no one-size-fits-all formula for pricing your business. Anyone who tells you that there is, is probably about to ruin your chances of selling your business at its full value in your expected timeframes.

And here’s why: the price at which you take your business to the market is one of the main determining factors that can lead to a successful business sale. Your advertised price has a huge affect on everything from:

  • Your target market,
  • The perceived return on investment,
  • The availability of finance,
  • Your buyers’ level of trust in your business,
  • The calibre of buyers you attract,

… and most importantly; it has serious implications when you get to the negotiating table.

All of those things put together can have a massive affect on your business sale so, quite simply, if your business price isn’t a strategically calculated figure, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. It can be the difference between selling and not selling.

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#BuyThis Long-Established Business; Import/Wholesale Very Pretty Things, ready to ramp up Online…

Business For Sale - import/wholesale 85years old

The current entrepreneurial owner took this 85 year old Madame and reshaped her into being 21st century ready. She, the business, now is in need of the next new talent that can utilise the robust base and morph it into the online sensation it is longing to be…

• Niche Business with revenue in excess of $600,000
Adjusted profit to owner in excess of $100,000 FY2015
• Supplying Australia’s leading fashion houses, retailers and manufacturers
• Specialising in the craft, gift and packaging market
• Arrangements in place with suppliers, including exclusive with key supplier in Europe (requiring bi-annual overseas trip)
• Iconic brand with 85 plus years of history

An ideal opportunity for a person(s) seeking a business with a creative flair. This business imports its products from Europe and Asia and is highly regarded within its market for providing beautiful, unique and quality product together with reliable and professional service.

The business owner’s main involvement is:
• General Management
• Business and Product Development/Marketing/Sales
• Travel bi-annually to meet with key suppliers in Europe and Asia

What does the business do?
• Importing and wholesaling of its niche range of products
• A growing percentage of its business is based on orders that are customised for specific clients

Substantial investment, positioned for the Future:
• “Digital ready” with a streamlined website to handle both retail and wholesale clients
• Extensive and diverse database of clients across a broad range of industries
• Automated and systemised operational procedures requiring low staffing levels
• Cloud-based business system (Netsuite), with integrated accounting/ERP, inventory management, CRM and webstore for multi-channel marketing
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system used to trade with national chains
• Over 80% of clients prepay, allowing minimal cash gap
• A number of growth areas have been identified and preliminary research commenced

The business is ready to be relocated to a property of your choice, and can also be integrated into an existing business. With key employees and systems in place, the business offers a number of flexible options and opportunities for a new owner.

Asking Price: $180,000 plus SAV

Interested? email me at

CASE STUDY: From $6 to $5668 per qtr in GST in just 3 years…

CASE STUDY: From $6 to $5668 per qtr in GST in just 3 years…

Who would think it is pleasing to use Tax as a Growth Indicator?
This story from one of my charges (Julie Demczuk of just this week, got to love a share such as this:

I’m sitting in my office on my own thinking about when I first started the business.

 I remember saying to my bookkeeper I can’t wait until I start paying GST.  I was so excited when my first GST bill was $6.

 After three  years my GST bill for the last quarter is $5,668.
What an amazing difference.

What an amazing difference indeed! Whilst I haven’t contributed directly to her growth numbers, she is one the amazing number of Women Business Owners who are building their business as an asset, ready to be saleable when the time comes  (which may be right round the corner!)
So very proud of this entrepreneurial mother.

Just think how well off the new owner of a business like this will be. Not only is the thing well-established, if $5000+ of GST is being paid quarterly, then the revenue has to reflect same. Much more palatable when compared to waiting for revenue as a start-up… Interested in knowing more? Please drop me a line at

Some would say “why?”, others, “why not?” 

Some are born to start, build and hold for as long as it takes.
Some are born to start, build and pass the baton on.

Which one are you?

#BuyThis: check out this fabulous entry-level business opportunity…


After much soul searching, our client has decided that she must sell her business in order to get her family life back on track. This means an opportunity for the smart buyer as all the hard preliminary work required to launch a new business has been done!

Our client currently works in a demanding role within the IT industry. She decided to take on this “Project” as it is in an area which she is passionate about – namely Women’s Health & Well-Being. She started an extensive search and evaluation of available business opportunities and finally settled on this business based on her personal experience as a user of the service.

The business commenced operations in July 2012 in brand new premises, with a professional fit-out and new equipment.

• Specialising in non-surgical weight loss treatments that can effectively target excess fat in those areas that are often difficult to reduce with traditional exercise and gym equipment.
• As part of a growing national network (in excess of 60 studios) the business can take advantage of branding and marketing opportunities.
• Proven results based on extensive scientific research, no “gimmicks”.
• Does not require highly skilled labour to administer the treatment which sets it apart from other passive weight loss treatments in the market.
• Straight forward ownership model without the complication of a franchise system to adhere to.
Other aspects of the business:
• Growing client base
• Desirable location with good catchment area for potential clients
• No “stock” to invest in or manage
• Easy to manage business operation
• Potential for repeat revenue
• Low operational costs due to no ongoing consumables to purchase

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So why is it being sold now??
Over the last 6 months, changing circumstances have impacted on our client that have lead to:
• An increasing workload at the office (a senior IT management role) means more demand on her time
• Young family demanding more of her time
• The new business demanding more of her time

So it is with much regret (but necessary) that she is taking this step to consider and rebalance her priorities which includes deciding to sell the business. She is aware that she is unable to make the commitment necessary to ensure the business continues to grow to its full potential.

To facilitate a quick sale, our client is offering the business for sale at $20,000, which is:
• Below the establishment costs (in excess of $50,000)
• A new owner will be required to take over the excellent leasing agreements already negotiated for the equipment and business premises.

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