Some Days Are Not So In FLOW!

ListeTalk about going from one extreme to the other!

Yesterday, as smooth as clockwork.
Today, disaster…

Actually that’s not strictly true, it depends on what I’m comparing it to.
If using my diary and to do list (as I did yesterday), today’s activities were not even remotely close to doing what I was supposed to have done.  If on the other hand, I review the activities in terms of upping the ante on playing a bigger game then I was right on the money…

Today I had two phone calls that were not planned but have the potential to be enormous…
Both took time to work out what was being asked, both took time to nurture and both could go absolutely nowhere!

Using the old “Tattslotto” motto – “you’ve got to be in it, to win it“, this goes for business opportunities as well. Yes, you do have to be savvy enough to recognise not all presented are in fact what you should be pursuing. Nonetheless, the initial conversations can be rather interesting, as well as time-consuming, so you do have to be careful.

As I’ve been known to say, being opportunistic and bold is the only way to really get ahead.

Sometimes doing the stuff you’re invited to do has to take precedent over doing the stuff you need to do; don’t you think?
What sphincter-tightening moment did you have today?


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