schools have to have an Online Strategy too…


The school Daughter attends (pictured) has long recognised the need for an Online Strategy and like most businesses (of which a school is 0ne), the  expertise to deliver it is not inhouse.

So last week I arranged one of my colleagues to sit down with the Sophia Mundi Steiner School Principal, the Parent Committee representative and Marketing Coordinator, the Chairman of the Board, the Registrar and myself to share and nut out what we proposed (based on previous conversations) and how to roll it out… a most productive meeting I must say.

The Online Strategy is now full steam ahead, with rollout commencing before school even goes back.

I’m very excited about this one as it has a direct bearing on not only the continued success of the school itself but also on a personal level. Daughter and I have invested time, effort and money into this fine establishment and we want more to know about it, we want to share the love! What better way than to ramp up the Online presence so others can find out more.

The other option is to call me and I’ll give my glowing testimonial!

If you want to follow its transition, keep your eye on

If you want to explore more about what a Steiner education, an alternative education, can do for you and/or your child, feel free to download “Swimming Against the Current”, an expose I put together from students, parents and teachers alike sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of their experiences.

A most enlightening read, even if I say so myself!

How to Restart your Creative Juices! Little Bets: Think Differently

“Inventing the Future” is what Selling your Business is all about. Certainly, developing your exit strategy goes some way in making that become a reality, especially if looking to use the sale as a springboard for your next add-venture…

Our education system places great emphasis on teaching us about facts that are already known, such as historical information or scientific tables, and then testing us in order to measure how much we’ve retained about that body of knowledge.

Those skills work perfectly well for many situations, but not when doing something new. Or creative. Or original. They certainly won’t help us invent the future.

As education and creativity researcher and author Sir Ken Robinson puts it, ‘We are educating people out of their creativity.’

But it’s still there. And unleashing our creativity, however deeply it’s hidden, begins with little bets.

By Peter Sims for

Little Bets is where getting yourself and your business saleable and sale-ready also starts…

School’s hard knock over field of dreams…

Ah yes, fun and games at Daughters school… hhmmmm

(Her) STEINER school operating out of the historic Abbotsford Convent faces closure after local residents successfully rallied against its expansion into an adjacent paddock.

The Sophia Mundi Steiner School sought to build five new classrooms on Abbotsford Convent land next to the Collingwood Children’s Farm.

Read more:

Alternative Education… is this something you have chosen for your child? I want to hear from you…

It is something I have chosen…definitely. Entrepreneurial thinking cannot be fostered in the current mainstream school environment as it is at the moment, so I’ve opted for a different path. Daughter is in year 6 now, and all is going very well…

Which leads me to “Legacy” time…
At her school, the grade 6 children decide what they would like to leave for the school community once they are on their way to bigger and better adventures in secondary school (hard to believe it’s happening already, where did that time go!)

Well… following on from this theme, a couple of parents and I have decided we too would like to contribute a Legacy of sorts…
And for it to take the form of a book of tales and tips, containing thoughts, stories and insights from far and wide, about the education we entered into… being that of an alternative variety.

We’ve decided also to open it up to reach a much wider audience than just our community. The reason for that is so we can bring together all that is the good, the bad and the ugly about what we’ve done, and/or what we’re about to do. We will be including current and past pupils, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and the budgie if need be! Anyone really who has been touched by this journey, from all walks of life, all ages, all connections…

So… here’s you can help…
Make yourself a cuppa (or anything else that takes your fancy) and sit in front of the computer, in front of this blog post.
Then click on (or copy and paste into your browser) this link
and approx 15 minutes later, all will be done!

Then I ask you please, to forward this information to all you know who have been touched by the choice of alternative education.
Please invite them to do the same.

The result will be that you, and those near and dear to you, have contributed to what we hope will be the “Legacy” piece that remains long after we’ve gone. And will over time become a resource that others following will be able to use to guide their way….

Any questions, comments, suggested names even!…
all graciously received.

The survey will be available electronically for 4 weeks, with the option to extend should we need/want to. If paper copies are required, feel free to print out the survey and once completed, pop in an envelope and email me at for address details.

We look forward to your contribution already…
Thanks in advance!

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