Presenting to the KAPADG group at the Knox Club about the State of the Business Sales Market and what has been learned in the last 24 months of the pandemic, as well as how this has affected the Business Sales space in the foreseeable future. More specifically:

  • An update on the State of the Market as of today and adaptable trends
  • Results of the Xcllusive 2021 Buyer Sentiment Survey
  • Examples of recent noteworthy transactions
  • Q&A, where the questions that have always played on minds in regard to the business-sale and business-buy process can be asked…

based on what we at Xcllusive Business Sales are seeing on a daily basis. As always, this made for some interesting discussion…

Feedback from Victoria Wheeler of Munday Wilkinson and Chair of the CPA KAPADG:
“Thank you Denise. Great presentation once again. I shall forward this on, I’m sure we had a few members who will be prompted to call.”

As a practicing Business Value Analyst and Consulting Broker of Business Sales, Denise guides Business Owners to GET OUT, whether that be tomorrow or in 5 years’ time.