CASE STUDY: From $6 to $5668 per qtr in GST in just 3 years…

CASE STUDY: From $6 to $5668 per qtr in GST in just 3 years…

Who would think it is pleasing to use Tax as a Growth Indicator?
This story from one of my charges (Julie Demczuk of just this week, got to love a share such as this:

I’m sitting in my office on my own thinking about when I first started the business.

 I remember saying to my bookkeeper I can’t wait until I start paying GST.  I was so excited when my first GST bill was $6.

 After three  years my GST bill for the last quarter is $5,668.
What an amazing difference.

What an amazing difference indeed! Whilst I haven’t contributed directly to her growth numbers, she is one the amazing number of Women Business Owners who are building their business as an asset, ready to be saleable when the time comes  (which may be right round the corner!)
So very proud of this entrepreneurial mother.

Just think how well off the new owner of a business like this will be. Not only is the thing well-established, if $5000+ of GST is being paid quarterly, then the revenue has to reflect same. Much more palatable when compared to waiting for revenue as a start-up… Interested in knowing more? Please drop me a line at

Some would say “why?”, others, “why not?” 

Some are born to start, build and hold for as long as it takes.
Some are born to start, build and pass the baton on.

Which one are you?

Steve Jobs’ legacy includes the Women he inspired…

Steve Jobs’ legacy includes the Women he inspired…

Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs story often leaves out all the others, including dozens of women, involved in Jobs’ first big bet, 1984’s Macintosh. Like everyone else on the original Mac team, these 20-somethings put in gruelling hours to create a machine that could live up to the vision of Apple’s brilliant and volatile leader.

And now, they are movers and shakers in their own rights. Read their entrepreneurial mother stories in full here…


BID; support Charity; win 30mins of talk-time with me…

BID; support Charity; win 30mins of talk-time with me…

2015_MOM FB Badge 400x400pxl-2

Just think, 30 minutes dedicated to asking all those niggling questions that you’ve had sitting in the back of your mind for some time but just not got around to asking… NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

I am proud to be involved with Mummy Mentoring Festival – raising funds for Alannah & Madeleine Foundation.

I have donated 3 sessions to help wonderful women, working from home, all across Australia.

 Check out this great charity event and how you can win a 30min phone session with me or any one of 37 mentors from all fields of expertise/business.

BIDDING STARTS TOMORROW 26 October… go forth and win!

productivity commission draft report into CHILDCARE…

the entrepreneurial mother

Further to yesterdays post, it just so happens that we, the public, can comment on this most important matter…

The Australian Productivity Commission has released a draft report into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, and has invited the public to comment on it via written submission or by attending public hearings. Find out details here.

“I can make you famous…”

Jane Goodall Sydney May 2014


Is it about being famous? Or is it about doing good work and becoming famous as a result?

As a senior editor at National Geographic for 37 years, Mary Smith worked with prominent research grantees—including primatologist Dian Fossey, paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey, and conservationist George Schaller—to produce illustrated articles for the magazine based on their work.

Is it true that Leakey—who started Jane on her life’s work with chimpanzees—tried to get you [Mary] to work for him too?

“Mary, I can make you famous,” he told me. He wanted me to give up my career at the magazine to go study aardvarks.

“Thank you very much,” I said, “but no.”

Given Mary’s role now at National Geographic, she’s become famous in her own right.
Did she need Louis Leakey? NO. She may have though, had she wanted to study Aardvarks.

As Jane Goodall described at her 80th birthday celebrations, regardless of whether the likes of Leakey stepped up, she was going to Africa and she was going to spend time with/study gorillas. If it had not been Leakey, she just would have found another way. It had nothing to do with fame and everything to do with spending time with the creatures she so admired and to get to know them better.

How about your own journey to date? Are you in it for the fame/money or for the greater good?
The answer to these questions are the determining factors in your energy levels and therefore your commitment over time…

I would also personally describe Jane Goodall (and maybe Mary Smith?) as one hell of an entrepreneurial mother!
The way she has not only mothered her own children, but those of her gorillas and instilled the importance of DOing stuff is testament to her. And isn’t the world better off as a result…

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