How to Restart your Creative Juices! Little Bets: Think Differently

“Inventing the Future” is what Selling your Business is all about. Certainly, developing your exit strategy goes some way in making that become a reality, especially if looking to use the sale as a springboard for your next add-venture…

Our education system places great emphasis on teaching us about facts that are already known, such as historical information or scientific tables, and then testing us in order to measure how much we’ve retained about that body of knowledge.

Those skills work perfectly well for many situations, but not when doing something new. Or creative. Or original. They certainly won’t help us invent the future.

As education and creativity researcher and author Sir Ken Robinson puts it, ‘We are educating people out of their creativity.’

But it’s still there. And unleashing our creativity, however deeply it’s hidden, begins with little bets.

By Peter Sims for

Little Bets is where getting yourself and your business saleable and sale-ready also starts…

School’s hard knock over field of dreams…

Ah yes, fun and games at Daughters school… hhmmmm

(Her) STEINER school operating out of the historic Abbotsford Convent faces closure after local residents successfully rallied against its expansion into an adjacent paddock.

The Sophia Mundi Steiner School sought to build five new classrooms on Abbotsford Convent land next to the Collingwood Children’s Farm.

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The Happiness Pie recipe… Seasons Greetings

and a new home for “Adventures with Daughter”; but first…

I discovered this in a book I read recently, and really liked it.
Something to reflect on over the season to be jolly!

Happiness Pie Recipe
(from “Belly Dancers for Beginners” by Liz Byrski)

1 cup of Confidence
1 cup of Love
in a pan of Happiness
mix the above
add a pinch of Tenderness
1 tablespoon of Trust
stir well in the Sunshine
roll out a Loving crust
flour with Contentment
keep all free from strife
fill with Understanding
and bake well all your Life…

For 2011 and beyond, all “Adventures with Daughter” posts will have their own blog at Drop by at any time to catch up on our latest exploits around the world!

In the meantime though, top of the festive season to you and yours
ho ho ho

How Daughter Made Me the Proudest Parent in the World This Morning…

To clarify, and to her credit, I’m always proud BUT this morning in particular took the cake! After being awarded the “gun” trophy for mixed softball at her school awards, we settled back to listen to the rest of the proceedings.

The President and the Secretary of the local U3A (University of the Third Age – where their 104 year-old member continues next year in learning more about Shakespeare!) stood at the podium to present the Personal Excellence Award for a teacher-voted boy and girl. They then went on to explain that by selling second-hand books at our schools Thursday market, they raise money to give out as part of this award. How good are they? honestly…

Daughter’s name is the chosen girl name read out. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather! Not only did she receive a framed certificate which reads:
“Personal Excellence Award
This certificate is awarded for her pursuit of excellence in all areas of school life”

she also collected a humbling cheque of $350.

Good on her. And this is only day one of Grade 6 Graduation week.
What a girl, enough to make any Mother proud.

Having it all but missing out on so much…

A thought provoking gem from Emma Alberici
this is only a snippet so be sure to read on

…Contrary to popular opinion, when a mother works she does have it all … all the burdens of home that is. This includes the burden of guilt about the lack of time she has to devote to her children. This is made worse by the constant research papers that must surely be designed to exacerbate that guilt. Recently there have been a spate of studies showing that the children of working mothers are overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, watch too much television etc. Where are the fathers in all this?…

…Many women are enablers. Equality must start at home if it’s to be achieved in the workplace. If men aren’t demanding flexibility at the office, the women who work alongside them won’t get it either and it shouldn’t then be a surprise that women will continue to feel frustrated by a society that expects so much of them and so much less of their spouse…continue

Authentic Communication…YES please

The Best Communicator in the World
by Jon Wortmann for

If you feel shy, nervous, or afraid, you’re not crazy, you’re not alone, and today is the day you stop letting ugly communication damage your relationships. Authentic communication can become as natural as breathing – when you pay attention to a few essential aspects of what connects people.
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