How to Buy and Sell Websites! the Perfect Mother of a Business… Find out how…

Would you like to learn the quickest way to start making money online?
Looking for online business ideas?
And how you can buy a website for as little as $1? What a particularly entrepreneurial way to do it…

My friends Matt and Liz Raad are running their last “How To Buy and Sell Websites” Workshop for the year, and I have secured some special guest tickets that I thought you would be interested in.

Why do I think you should be paying attention? 🙂
Given the level of interest I’ve seen in selling websites over the last months, and what I’ve since learned from Matt and Liz, the online Buy and Sell of Websites is a market experiencing considerable growth, and destined to be a major player… get in now!

They reveal how you can take advantage of the online “virtual real estate boom” that is happening right now by showing step-by-step how you can buy and sell websites for massive profit.

To find out more and reserve your complimentary guest seats, click here

The feedback from the attendees of the last event was fantastic – here’s some of the comments:

“Absolutely well worth investing 3 days to learn how to create a lifetime of passive income”

“This wasn’t what I expected…my eyes have been opened to new possibilities!”

“Definitely worth doing”

“You’d be mad to miss of the most value packed workshops ever”

“If you are interested in making money on the internet, DON’T MISS THIS SEMINAR!”

So if you like the idea of finding “rundown” websites, renovating them quickly and then selling for a profit or keeping as a cash-cow…

And if you would you like to grow your passive income, and make the most of the new online real estate boom without having to be a tech-wizz,

Book in now before it’s too late!

Make sure you use the ticket code “TEM GUEST” so you aren’t charged for the tickets

How Will I Expand My Business?

Proudly brought to you by Ken Phillips (Exec. Dir.) and
the team at “>ICA UK friends, the Professional Contractors Group, conducted a National Freelancers Day. This huge national event celebrated the importance of self-employment, which is as large in the UK as it is in Australia. As with us in Australia, PCG are working on regulatory reform, particularly tax reform.

But with the National Freelancers Day, it was the contractors (freelancers) who were the stars. In a series of short video clips we can pick up really good practical tips from people ‘living’ the same business struggle as ourselves on topics such as:

* How will I grow my business next year?
* What is my long-term plan?
* How can I increase my perceived value?
* How can I adapt and thrive in a buyer’s market?

We’ve linked to these as well as the National Freelancers Day website. Go to:

Look, in particular, for the video clip series of superstar ‘big mouth’ Joe Bauer on his ‘your business cards are cr..p’ series! It’s strangely compelling.

From Tim Ferriss To Seth Godin: How To Build Relationships with Influencers…

A gem from David Siteman Garland

Whether you’ve been in business two days or two years, you’ve probably realized that building relationships with the “experts” (even though I’m not a fan of the word “expert”) and leaders in your industry and beyond – otherwise known as influencers – is critical to your ability to build a strong brand and become known in your field.

But, up until recently, it’s been difficult to build relationships or even get in contact with celebrities/influencers. After all, the “old school” influencers of yesterday were guarded and protected. In order to successfully reach them, you had to get through layers and layers of gatekeepers including PR people, agents, handlers, angry protective dogs, and who-knows-what else.

Based on that, what are the odds that you could actually have a one-on-one conversation with someone you admire/look up to, such as your favorite author or blogger? Very little to non-existent, unless you had a huge sum of cash – or perhaps a nationally syndicated TV show with 1,000,000+ viewers. Or maybe you could have written them a letter via snail mail to be answered eight months later. If you were lucky.

read on

The Four-Letter Word That Makes You and Your Work Irresistible…

For By Mark Sanborn

Some years ago I wrote a book about an extraordinary individual who loves his work. My editor at the time deleted the word love every place I used it. Instead, he suggested using the phrase ‘generosity of spirit.’

‘Why not love?’ I inquired.

‘Because the word love freaks out businesspeople,’ he responded.

I couldn’t agree more (great title too!)
Do you agree? read on

Tim Ferris Interview – The 4-Hour Workweek

Delegate and automate to create the lifestyle you desire and deserve
The following is a transcript of Scott Allen’s interview with Tim Ferriss, which you can listen to while you read (or instead).

One of the things that Scott talks a lot about on is how to try to find that balance as an entrepreneur, because there have been so many studies done on this that show that the typical entrepreneurs are working 70 and 80 hours a week.

The traditional take on this is something like, “Hey, that’s fine. We all know it’s a trade-off because we are investing that time, hopefully for the pay back in the future, or that it’s a trade-off for flexibility.” You may have to work 80 hours a week and work late into the night, but you get to take off in the middle of the day to do stuff with your kids.

You don’t have to answer to anybody or file for it a month in advance if you want to take vacation.

We would all love to get to the point of working a 4-hour workweek and a lot of us would like to just get to the point of working a 40-hour workweek, and making the living we’d like to make and having the rest of it available.

But Tim Ferriss has lived it, is living it and is sharing the good word in his book. In the interest of getting you closer to that 4-hour workweek, read/listen to Scott talking to Tim Ferriss.

As a result of listening to Tim Ferriss first time around, I turned off the automatic send/receive function on my Outlook program, which allows me to manage when emails come in and go out… a far more productive way of managing my time and head space. I don’t know about you but if an email comes in that requires action, it is very difficult to ignore it once its in your inbox! By switching off the function, you take back the control… excellent.

Tim shares this and many more tips… please listen as you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how easy, and doable, most of these are.

Be sure to let me know which ones work for you.

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