Lets have a chat, that’s what!
Whilst the BIG question, of course, is what do you see as your ultimate outcome…
To help get us there, with starting the process by doing the Sellability Score questionnaire, you now have a line-in-the-sand as to how your business stacks up within a worldwide sample set.
Indeed, a great place to start and I will send you the full report for your reading pleasure, if not already.
With your Score in mind, what do you want to explore in detail… is it more about?
1. “Improve the Score” = how to do the things that matter i.e. ideally making the business more Saleable?
2. “Selling” = how to go to market in the business’ current state, being guided by the market as to the price and where the value lies?
3. “Don’t Sell” = how to position the business as a possible “strategic acquisition” for another, enabling you to potentially stay involved past transition, post sale?
Answers to these will help guide me as to the best way to steer our discussion.

If you want to take the questionnaire, to determine your Score and get the process started then please do, with my compliments.

By way of introduction, in a little under 2 minutes, this video sets it out rather nicely.

Or, if you want to jump straight to it:
b)  click on “get started now”
c)  fill in your details and click “get score now”
d)  the “Sellability Score” questionnaire is then uploaded, ready for you to complete
I have been advised of your report being ready, I will be in touch.
Just so you know, Hurst Partners own the right to distribute the “Sellability Score” and I have their permission to utilise it.

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