Expert guests on Selling your Business; Denise Hall, Richard Goldsmith, & Grant Arnott.

Selling Your Business by Denise Hall on Mixcloud

What a pleasure it was being part of this panel discussing selling your business.
Together with Richard Goldsmith, Grant Arnott and host Jacki Mitchell, we had a great chat Friday morning, but only touched the surface.
Whilst not complicated, there is more to Selling Your Business than one initially expects. 

LIVE in the studio every Friday, Taking Care of BUSINESS is one of the few dedicated radio business programs that focuses on all businesses great and small. The program features special guests from the business world talking about their successes, failures, lessons learned and ideas.  Hosted by Jacki Mitchell, the program is full of tips on marketing, finance, management, thought leadership and expert opinions along with insider knowledge on all things business.

There is a tendency to focus on small business as the life blood of the community – all big businesses once started as a small business.

To hear the podcast of SELLING YOUR BUSINESS. — at TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS – 98.7FM, go to Rppfm and enjoy.
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