I’ve just finished reading a great article about “How to Do Retail Right from the Inventor of the Apple Store“… and they would know! Whilst it talks about it from a Start-Up perspective, there’s too much gold here for current retailers to disregard.

The most important thing startups need to understand is that there’s a big difference between making a sale and creating an experience. Beyond pop-up shops and marketing gimmicks, there’s a profound advantage to creating a lasting commercial space where people want to spend their time — not just their money.”

As a retailer, can you honestly say that you are creating a space where people want to hang out?
I suspect most of you are probably saying no…

One of the current deals I’m working on has a wholesaler who has built an exceptional experiential space for their bigger brand client, to conduct both show and tell and outright schmoozing, which is proving to be very popular amongst their client and their clients. What they’ve know come to realise is that by having it on a main street, individual consumers are also popping in, in the hope of rectifying whatever it is they need. Right now, they are being turned away, redirected… but this will not continue. The next iteration will be a place to liaise with people from all walks of life… and dollar value.

As it should be…

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