productivity commission draft report into CHILDCARE…

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Further to yesterdays post, it just so happens that we, the public, can comment on this most important matter…

The Australian Productivity Commission has released a draft report into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, and has invited the public to comment on it via written submission or by attending public hearings. Find out details here.

when a gathering of influential women leaders get together…

the entrepreneurial mother



“Setting the tone for the Summit, President Barack Obama penned a blog for the Huffington Post in which he wrote, “Family leave, childcare, flexibility and a decent wage aren’t frills. They’re basic needs. They shouldn’t be bonuses–they should be the bottom line.” Read on

Most entrepreneurial mothers have become just so because a job environment could not address their needs/wants over:

  • length of time, quality of hours, etc (family leave)
  • cost and availability of childcare
  • working hours to do what needs to be done plus the need to do stuff on the fly (flexibility)
  • earning good money for the effort put in (decent wage)

How well these are executed (in a business context) is debatable but nonetheless the impetus to give a business a red hot go is usually driven through wanting to address these quality of parenting and lifestyle issues.


How to Do Retail Right from the Inventor of the Apple Store…


I’ve just finished reading a great article about “How to Do Retail Right from the Inventor of the Apple Store“… and they would know! Whilst it talks about it from a Start-Up perspective, there’s too much gold here for current retailers to disregard.

The most important thing startups need to understand is that there’s a big difference between making a sale and creating an experience. Beyond pop-up shops and marketing gimmicks, there’s a profound advantage to creating a lasting commercial space where people want to spend their time — not just their money.”

As a retailer, can you honestly say that you are creating a space where people want to hang out?
I suspect most of you are probably saying no…

One of the current deals I’m working on has a wholesaler who has built an exceptional experiential space for their bigger brand client, to conduct both show and tell and outright schmoozing, which is proving to be very popular amongst their client and their clients. What they’ve know come to realise is that by having it on a main street, individual consumers are also popping in, in the hope of rectifying whatever it is they need. Right now, they are being turned away, redirected… but this will not continue. The next iteration will be a place to liaise with people from all walks of life… and dollar value.

As it should be…

Read in full here

TEMpting; How Business Buyers and Sellers Have Been Tempted This Week…

How Saleable is Your Business in 2014?
How Saleable do you want Your Business 2014?
What are you waiting for? GET YOUR SCORE…

Did some website renovation work today, including adding a few plugins in and changing some wording… even found an eBook to add to sell, which appears to be right on the money for what I’m looking for. Phew! Thought I’d end up having to writing it myself. Will get that added and see what happens. It’s all test and measure, lets face it!

Spoke to website owners again this week. They want to sell but when I give them an indicative price range, they don’t like what they hear especially if what they want is what they’ve spent on the website. And that’s because their online business is not profitable. And therefore not worth what they think it should be. And they get frustrated that I can’t see the “potential” in what they’ve built.

Bottomline is… whether I can see the potential or not, doesn’t matter! A buyer will not to pay for it if you haven’t been able to make it work yourself. 

So get cracking…


If you want to sell a website or you’re looking to buy a website (excellent bolt-on possibilities), please email me at

If any of the following tickle your fancy, please email me at, letting me know which one it is…


BS49 Home Help…
Contracts signed. Settlement booked!

BS53 Balloons! and all that goes with them…
It’s just not happening!

BS59 Niche Service Provider in Building Trade
via Sellability Score.
Waiting on the 2014 numbers done and then it’s good to go to market.

BS60 Advertising and Events agency
(via Sellability Score)
A little reworking of the IM and a little refined presentation means we’re ready for the next wave.

BS72 Niche Bookseller and Training Provider
A second Board meeting happens on Sunday, to go through the financials more thoroughly.

Training provider
Meetings booked. Decisions to be made. Offer to be crafted.

It’s all happening…. Others I’ve talked too.. are you interested in any one of them?

  • a particular event
  • sales and services
  • magazine
  • specialty bed linen
  • facilities management
  • speciality giftware
  • technology reseller
  • specialty children’s products x 2
  • overseas medical procedures
  • online products
  • electronics retailer
  • niche manufacturer
  • specialty clothing
  • digital agency
  • RTO
  • online review website
  • garden supplies
  • photographic work

If yes, let me know…


Exploring the Sale Option?


Onwards and Upwards!

“I can make you famous…”

Jane Goodall Sydney May 2014


Is it about being famous? Or is it about doing good work and becoming famous as a result?

As a senior editor at National Geographic for 37 years, Mary Smith worked with prominent research grantees—including primatologist Dian Fossey, paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey, and conservationist George Schaller—to produce illustrated articles for the magazine based on their work.

Is it true that Leakey—who started Jane on her life’s work with chimpanzees—tried to get you [Mary] to work for him too?

“Mary, I can make you famous,” he told me. He wanted me to give up my career at the magazine to go study aardvarks.

“Thank you very much,” I said, “but no.”

Given Mary’s role now at National Geographic, she’s become famous in her own right.
Did she need Louis Leakey? NO. She may have though, had she wanted to study Aardvarks.

As Jane Goodall described at her 80th birthday celebrations, regardless of whether the likes of Leakey stepped up, she was going to Africa and she was going to spend time with/study gorillas. If it had not been Leakey, she just would have found another way. It had nothing to do with fame and everything to do with spending time with the creatures she so admired and to get to know them better.

How about your own journey to date? Are you in it for the fame/money or for the greater good?
The answer to these questions are the determining factors in your energy levels and therefore your commitment over time…

I would also personally describe Jane Goodall (and maybe Mary Smith?) as one hell of an entrepreneurial mother!
The way she has not only mothered her own children, but those of her gorillas and instilled the importance of DOing stuff is testament to her. And isn’t the world better off as a result…

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