At times, global and personal events can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Australian woman and former journalist Melina Schamroth is on a mission to help change that with her global campaign Grateful in April.

Now entering its fourth year, Grateful in April is a free month long program designed to help people feel good about what they already have in their life. The Age and Sydney Morning Herald yesterday had this to say to their article.

Initially launched as a social experiment conceived by Melina, a Melbourne-based social entrepreneur, charity CEO, speaker and author, the Grateful in April campaign is fast becoming an annual must-do for people all around the world.

Grateful in April encourages people to spend 30 days developing positive-thinking habits, ultimately aiming to establish an on-going ‘attitude of gratitude’ in everyday life.

“People simply sign-up online for free and receive 30 days of tips and hints for developing a positive outlook on life,” Melina says.

 “The reality is life can be tough. Grateful in April provides people with an opportunity to regain some positivity in their lives by celebrating even the most basic of things like having a roof over your head and food in the fridge.”

“We want people thinking and acting in ways that make them feel great about themselves and the world around them,” Melina says.

People sign up for free at and can get more Grateful in April inspiration by following the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Grateful in April is a non-for-profit, annual campaign that complements the objectives of Melina’s own, multi-award-winning business m.a.d.woman – making a difference and charity, the m.a.d.woman foundation.

m.a.d.woman aims to encourage, inspire and enable people to make a positive difference to their community and environment through creating opportunities for corporate community involvement and corporate social responsibility. Her programs have helped more than 300,000 people in Australia and New Zealand to date.

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