The most interest over the last weeks has been “When Is the Right Time to Sell?
The answer to that question moves amongst how-long-is-a-piece-of-string and who really knows. Nonetheless, there are a few prime clues that I will explore with you over the next number of posts…

When talking Operations | Delivery | Fulfilment, this is the stuff that a lot of your “Procedures Manual” covers or at least should cover. Whether it be an actual folder or a series of checklists or a series of videos sitting in the business’s own youtube channel, it pretty much covers how, once the business has converted the sale into having to deliver the item/service, what has to happen is mapped out.

In fact, thorough Procedures Manuals covers the whole business, from whoa to go, such as:

1. Overview | Background

2. Services | Products

3. Marketing

4. Databases | Client Relationship Management

5. Sales

6. Policy and Procedures

7. Reporting | Metrics

8. Accounting

9. Business Plan

Initially, the Buyer will not expect to see all that sits behind this list in its entirety upfront. However you do need to have it ready to handover at time of sale. Therefore if you’ve not even commenced this process and you are wanting to put your business on the market, then suggest you start now…

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