is geographical scalability an option?









Further to my post of April 28, lets explore the next of the elements to gaining a more favourable “Sellability Score” i.e. a more saleable asset. That is, “geographical scalability is an option”.

Can a version of your business be opened in other locations?
If not, why not?
Is your business scalable?
Is your business repeatable?

This forms part of addressing the question of potential and goes some way to answering “why would I buy this”?

Even if you’ve haven’t actually managed to do anything about rolling out the expansion attempt yourself, if you can show the planning gone into the proposed rollout, it will go some way in proving the possibility. Bear in mind though that just because you’ve planned it does not carry the same weight as having done it and ideally succeeded.

If the answer is no to most of the above questions, then think about how this can be changed.

Does Online offer a version of being able to open all hours and all places?
How can this work in well with the current offline activities?
What has worked well in your business to date? Is it location based only?
Is it “franchisable”? (not saying you have to morph into one, just asking as same principles apply)

Really, this is classic “eMyth” stuff.

The only way to make big money is to be able to scale the business. Geography certainly adds to the scalability options.

operating in a growth industry i.e. being in the “right place at right time”…


Further to my post of yesterday, lets explore the first of the elements to gaining a more favourable “Sellability Score” i.e. a more saleable asset. That is, “operating in a growth industry by being in the “right place at right time”.

It goes without saying that you want your business to be in a growth industry! But what if it’s not?

Maybe it was when you started but the market has since shifted the goal posts. As unfair as that is, it happens. So what do you do?

Find the growth in the industry you know and rework your business accordingly, in the quickest possible time frame…

If you want an asset that someone else can see themselves running into the future, sitting at the helm, then you really have no choice. Actually you do and that is to sell it for what the market values it at today, with the perception being that there is no real potential. By doing so, you’re then relying on finding a buyer who knows how they will use it and turn it around, but they won’t of course pay you a premium for that privilege.

For example, some will say that the print industry is in decline. And for the same some, they may be right. But printing is still being done isn’t it? So who needs it done and what do they need done regularly? Answer these questions and your reworked business model starts to take shape, doesn’t it?

Still not sure how to broach this? Google it!
Let your fingers do the researching and find out what’s happening.
Ask around.
Talk to your colleagues.
Attend events.

There will be something you can do that not many others are able to do and more often then not, that is relationship based. What relationships have you built over the time that have relied in you in the past, enabling it to be easier to rely on you in the future. Want to know what they want? ASK them.
Yes, the human factor strikes again!

Maybe there’s something you can buy that will catapult your business out of its obscurity and right into current operating procedures. You just need to know what you’re looking for and how you’re going to fund it.

Shake your findings together, give them a good stir and see what wonderful cocktail you can come up with your the future of your business. You might just surprise yourself..


the latest worldwide trends from the Sellability Score Tracker Q1 2014

Based on the latest worldwide trends tracked from typical users of $1mil – $20mil in revenue businesses of the Sellability Score Tracker, reporting for Q1 2014, the following is highlighted:

The sale of a business demands higher offers when it is under management and of a larger size.
The average multiple for such beasts is 3.61.
To facilitate a premium for your business at sale time, these apply:
  • operating in growth industry i.e. being in the “right place at right time”
  • geographical scalability is an option
  • less ongoing customisation is required i.e. there is a standard formula used for all clients
  • size matters; the larger company the better = past $3mil in revenue gets better multiples
  • under management, not run by owner
  • growing companies i.e. showing a growth rate of 30% or more
  • monopoly control is obvious i.e. what’s the barrier to entry, how is it actually unique
  • score 80 or above

In the time we at Hurst Partners having been running the Sellability Score questionnaire, we are yet to see a score of 80 or above… seems like there’s a lot of work to be done to use your business as a saleable asset.

I’ll go more into detail for each of these over the next posts…

TEMpting; How Business Buyers and Sellers Have Been Tempted This Week…

How Saleable is Your Business in 2014?
How Saleable do you want Your Business 2014?
What are you waiting for? GET YOUR SCORE…

So this week saw me sitting with an Accountant, a Financial Planner and their clients, a Couple, talking all things “Sellability Score”.

Typically, these Small Business Owners had got some of it right and had neglected other parts that may have contributed more to the ongoing positioning of the business. Yet again, they didn’t know what they didn’t know!

Nor had they ever had their business dissected and presented in the way I did it on Wednesday i.e. with my Buyers Goggles on. The questions I asked, the altered slant on the same construct, the “salesmanship” (for use of a better word) around the business they had before them and what its future could hold from an outsiders perspective.

At intervals, I could almost detect renewed excitement that wasn’t there when we first started.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the meeting, once they finish talking to their “A” team and sleep on it over the weekend…


If you want to do sell a website or you’re looking to buy a website (excellent bolt-on possibilities), please email me at

If any of the following tickle your fancy, please email me at, letting me know which one it is…


BS30 Online Venue Business

Completed Sellability Score
4 interested parties, with an update of the IM being done and a reenergised campaign. Still waiting on the revised figures. Maybe they don’t look as healthy as first intimated.

BS49 Home Help…

Fact and logic have been presented on both sides. The next step is to sit down and nut it out, especially if the potential Buyer is brave enough to do so. Next week should see this move rather quickly.

BS53 Balloons! and all that goes with them…

Going to touch base with competitors now and see what can be generated.
Such corporate appeal, so untapped.

BS59 Niche Service Provider in Building Trade

via Sellability Score. It’s all systems go! IM has been drawn up and in the process of being finalised. A advertisement has been drafted. Once signed-off, we go to market.

BS60 Advertising and Events agency
(via Sellability Score)

Authority signed. IM finalised, adding in updated numbers. New website good to go. Almost ready to pull the trigger!

BS72 Niche Bookseller and Training Provider

Authority signed. Draft IM in process.

Training provider

Assisting colleague by introducing the perfect buyer for his selling client. This should be a no-brainer, as long as the vendor is sensible, which is not always something we can guarantee! And this one is being particularly unhelpful so the Buyer will have to decide what it’s worth to their business to buy it as opposed to what it’s worth… be interesting to see where this ends up.


It’s all happening….

Others I’ve talked too.. are you interested in?

  • a particular event
  • sales and services
  • magazine
  • specialty bed linen
  • facilities management
  • speciality giftware
  • technology reseller
  • specialty children’s products x 2
  • overseas medical procedures

If yes, let me know as these revealed themselves…


Exploring the Sale Option?


Onwards and Upwards!

“heed your call”


“You have been invited to heed your call and now it is up to you to decide where you go from here.

You are the result of the choices you make every single day, and what you choose, you become.

To choose wisely, be a witness to your thoughts and actions, both positive and negative.

Observe each and every one with neutral emotion.

Avoid judging or being critical.

Just examine your thoughts as they pass through your psyche.

Consider the source, then act or don’t act on them.

How you choose to respond to this call is what will define and shape your future.”

read on…

Regardless of the call you are heeding, as a Business Owner, you come up against this stuff all the time.
It’s no exaggeration to say that your decisions will determine your success.

So what have you decided?

thank you

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