What about a “Sales Funnel” model, as crass as it sounds?
It does make sense for you to have access to a suite of offerings (whether they be yours or not) when talking to prospective clients, once you have the “Pull Factor” back.

Given your new world “pull factor” order, it has no doubt changed even more dramatically hasn’t it?. So much so that you are being invited to share your story with others. You are generating ongoing gigs with your new found charisma….

Now what?

That’s where the Weiss – Accelerant Curve comes into it’s own.

What have you developed previously and/or what has been developed on any one of the projects you have participated in, that can be morphed into a “range of products”, that takes prospective Clients/Consultants on the ride you want to take them on?

These are products, selected by you for a very valid reason, whether it be because they are ones you have your finger firmly stuck in, or ones you’ve sourced because they fits and they’re available.

This is about looking at how to move all potentially interested parties in a particular direction and eventually to one of an alternate choice.

Now is also the time to start identifying and potentially courting who might be interested in taking on what you have built. Whether it is as a Client and/or another Consultant, who might be open to a conversation about what you’re doing and participating in your future plans?


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