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The Motivating Mum Brilliant Biz Mum Awards are halfway through and doing fab – but waiting for your nomination!! Entries are only accepted until March 15, 11.59pm so you had better get cracking..

I’m sure I have no need to point out why doing such a thing is a good one to do.
Apart from being a great positioning piece, it will also open up new frontiers that you have not yet been exposed to…

Nominations are in these areas:

  • Best Photo for Business (open to amateur and professional – it’s not so much technical as heart-based),
  • Best Plan of Attack (who has a great business plan, marketing plan etc and knows where they are going and sticking to it!),
  • Most out of the Box Marketing Campaign (who’s great at marketing their biz),
  • Best not-for-profit mum (this can be a mum who runs a not-for-profit or who has just hosted a not-for-profit event),
  • Best Budgeter (who does an amazing job of managing their budget for business) and,
  • Best Written Piece (non-blog) (who has written an article or press release that reads really well).

Link to info on the Awards is:

I would normally say feel free to ask me to nominate you, but in this case I am a judge in one of the categories so I wouldn’t want to be looking to pervert the cause of justice! If you feel a little uncomfortable nominating yourself, then ask your partner, friend, parent, lover to do it.

Remember, entries close March 15 with announcements April 1.

Good luck!

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