Don’t wait to be rescued or discovered by anyone, and for heaven’s sake, don’t wait to be given permission from the principal’s office to take full ownership of your own destiny. You gotta do it yourself.

Step forward out of your own lingering residual sense of smallness, take up every inch of life that is your blessed inheritance, and DO YOUR THING.


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3 very powerful words

I had the great fortune of seeing Elizabeth Gilbert last night (in Frankston VIC of all places) and she was fabulous. Thought provoking, genuine, care and sharing, an all-round good human being. Really pleased I made the effort to go (as you know, it’s easier to say No).

Above, for me, was one of her key takeaways and one in which she openly demonstrates by her DO YOUR THING living .

Where are you on the DO YOUR THING scale, between 1 and 10 (10 being so doing it!)?
Anything below 7 needs a rethink, a strategy even…

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