Consider these steps in your quest for passing your Consultancy on:

  1. identify your current Business Model ie how are you making your money?
  2. determine and reflect on your “Sweet Spot”
  3. analyse how well that model of choice has been working for you
  4. establish “proof”
  5. what “Push” and “Pull” forces have worked in that model
  6. review other Business Model options and its impact on your current model
  7. address the Transition between the two and any issues raised
  8. relate the “Sweet Spot” reflection to the Transition
  9. rank Client Relationships and what that implies
  10. develop a list of Clients to contact and by whom

All the while, continuously check in on how you are feeling, given the potential of the new modus operandi.

So, what’s the point of all this?

That you will:

  • understand how your current/old Business Model and the proposed Business Model can work together (enrolment)
  • understand how the “Push” and “Pull” forces have worked to this point (hindsight) and how they need to work for both moving forward (foresight)
  • know your “Sweet Spot” ie what you want to be doing most of in the proposed Business Model (engagement)
  • completely understand what is required in terms of ongoing Client Relationship management,and what that means in the new context (leverage)
  • investigate how this fits with your personal outcomes (comfort)

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