OK, so you’ve got a:

  • website
  • online business
  • internet business

and you want to know how to go about selling it?

Like any business sale, one starting point is to list all the “assets” it owns as well as the processes it goes through to deliver the product or service.

Essentially you want to “map” the business, whether that be via a mindmap or a photo of a whiteboard or a note in a journal. Why? because it’s not only imperative that you understand what makes up the thing you’re selling but that it is also easy to explain.

Importantly, you want the potential buyer y to see themselves doing what you do, only better!

Then it’s about pulling together all the proof required to substantiate the excitement.

That’s why a Business Profile is vital in establishing what you’re selling.
Not only does it contain the map and the main details, it also nicely summarises for all to see. AS well as assisting the Business Owner to get really clear on what’s for sale…


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