OK, so you’ve decided to embark on an Online Strategy.

After going through the “Why” exercise, you’ve decided that it makes sense to do so.
Now what?


Thinking of your typical offline business, if I was to ask you to draw up the organisational chart, who’s name will feature?

If it looks something like this, how do you propose to add the online activities in now as well?:

Management = YOU
Marketing = YOU
Sales = YOU
Operations = YOU
Financials = YOU

(Mentor = the entrepreneurial mother® of course! 🙂

Layering another load of activity on your shoulders, without taking care of the offline day-to-day, doesn’t make sense does it? You may be no better off and in fact go a little backwards because you’ve put yourself under even more pressure…

As you are well aware by now, if your Business solely focuses around YOU and selling it is was what you eventually want to do, then taking on even more does not equate to sound business practice now does it?

Starting with the end in mind TODAY, regardless of how old your business is means you start to, slowly but surely, systemise your Business so you can replace your name in each of the WHO boxes. Executing your Online strategy is no different.

Think about what you want to do and who else can do the rest?
And of course, how an arrangement can be struck whereby it is fair and equitable for both parties…


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