Most contractors would rather live with the frustrations they already have rather than risk enduring new frustrations. Rather than open up to the possibilities Life offers, they prefer to shut their life down to respectable limits. (Gerber)

If you don’t have a clear picture of when you want out, your business is the master of your destiny, not the reverse. In order to do so you have to focus on the point in the future when you will take leave of your business. Once done,  reconsider your goals in that context, being very specific.

You’ve got to think of Time with a capital T.
The Big Question, with a capital Q is: How do I wish to spend the rest of my Time?
Your Time, your Life, is the most valuable asset you have.
Until you see Time for what it really is – your Life span – you will always ask the wrong question.

You cannot manage Time; you never could. You can only Live it! (Gerber)

First off is the Strategic Work, which is all about:

  • why?
  • what?
  • who?
  • when?
  • where?
  • what business am I really in?
  • why am I in that business?
  • who specifically is my business determined to serve?
  • when will I sell this business?
  • where will this business be doing business when I sell it?

Strategic Work is the work you do to design your business, to design your life.

Tactical Work is the work you do to implement the design created by Strategic Work. (Gerber)

Organise your thoughts first and then your business…
Right Thinking leads to Right Actions
THINK about what you want to do. Having thought it, you must then DO it…

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