As noted in late 2013, Bernard Salt the demographer comments,

“all the global financial crisis did was to accentuate a social and technological trend in shopping that was already well under way. I suspect the same logic applies to recent profound changes in business.

Business is always looking for operational efficiencies, one response has been the contrarian pursuit of new opportunities. But here’s the twist. The new business opportunities coming out of the past five years have split into two categories: the conventional and the unconventional.”

Disruptive Thinking is unconventionally very exciting; it is also the way of the future. Business Owners should not only encourage but facilitate disruptive thinking and thinkers.

Your Business Online Strategy is a classic form of the new Disruptive Thinking.

Hence why it is imperative that you get started on it now, if you haven’t already. It will be even more so when the time comes for you to sell, when your business to good to go on the market…

To watch Bernard Salt discuss Disruptive Thinking, click here

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