Your Online Strategy needs to be documented and reviewed with all parties who will help you implement and maintain it.
Effective plans should include:
  • shall we rework or rebuild current online presence?
  • what actions we plan to take over time
  • will we be static or dynamic?
  • who will be the single command and control point?
  • key points now worthy of mention
  • what is the order of priority?
  • what are our resource requirements
  • what is the budget, with estimated one-time and ongoing costs?
  • what are our assumptions?
  • how will we measure results?
  • what new information do we need?
  • what new activities may be required?
  • what is your competition doing? do we need to be doing it?
  • what “push” mechanisms to use?
  • what activities to participate in to initiate “pull” interest?
  • how to factor in mobile optimisation?
  • what other tools shall we review?
  • what content and in what order?
  • what social platforms?
  • what technology platforms?

This is all about determining how to get the Online Strategy up and running, in as short a time frame as acceptable

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