This is all about defining the specific goals, deliverables, project sponsors and internal and external team members your Business wants to get from its Online Strategy activities. Whilst it sounds rather large, potentially draining and incredibly time-consuming, it does not need to be like that. Not in the way I do it anyway…

Questions to be reviewed and answered:

  • assess the current environment
  • what are we good at?
  • how do we know what we’re good at?
  • who is the audience?
  • what do they want?
  • what does we want?
  • why do they buy?
  • why do we think they buy?
  • who are our advocates?
  • what are their demographics?
  • what have they bought previously?
  • what are the “longtail” segments?
  • what are the trends?
  • how are we tapping into the trends?
  • what do we want done?
  • how do we measure what we’re doing?
  • what does the collection of the information mean?
  • what are we doing differently as a result of this information?
  • what technology is currently in use?
  • what technology needs to be accessed?
  • how will the offline/online businesses work together?
  • who will do what?
  • what options do we have?
  • how will we know we’ve got it right?

All these questions focus on Getting Clear
How clear are you?

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