I had the good fortune of being interviewed by Jackie Mitchell, LIVE in the studio every Friday. We discussed all things Buying and Selling Businesses.

All things Buying and Selling Businesses by Denisehall on Mixcloud

Taking Care of BUSINESS is one of the few dedicated radio business programs that focuses on all businesses great and small.

The program features special guests, including ME, from the business world talking about their successes, failures, lessons learned and ideas; full of tips on marketing, finance, management, thought leadership and expert opinions along with insider knowledge on all things business.

There is a tendency to focus on small business as the life blood of the community – all big businesses once started as a small business.

Jacki Mitchell is an international award winning brand, marketing & business strategist with a diverse track record that has enabled her to draw on a wide variety of experiences across a number of industries. Her business is brandstorm MARKETING.

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