OK… so, you know when you go along to a course and on the way there you start to think “I probably already know most of this stuff, why am I going exactly? Haven’t I better ways of spending my time?… but once attended, you end up being most pleasantly surprised!

That’s what happened to me over the last 2 days, having spent them with Lisa Gissing of the Davidson Institute doing Financial Management 101.

Here’s what it says the course teaches you:

  • what drives cash flow and profit
  • what financial statements can really tell you,
  • how to use your financial information to your advantage every day.

Here’s what it did for me (thank you Lisa):

  • took the jargon out of the above, using every day terms instead
  • introduced a couple of key questions, well worth answering
  • showed how the answers make the call-to-action obvious

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, I encourage you to seriously consider attending the next one. Who knew numbers could tell you so much!

“A must for business owners and management staff alike.”

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