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Smart ways out – starting with the end in mind can make a real difference to your bottom line, says business strategist Denise Hall. “

This is how the piece about me is introduced in the latest Westpac Ruby Connection enewsletter starts, and it goes on to say…

“We discuss the business lifecycle and we talk about start-up and growth. Maybe, we get a few tips about exiting the business. In my opinion finishing unfinished business – starting with the end in mind – deserves the same consideration as birth and growth or you risk losing out or even packing it away, without satisfaction,” says Denise.

I haven’t figured out why, yet, but very few business owners regard their business as an asset,” Denise continues.

A ‘sellability score’, helping you tick off the boxes around what buyers look for in a business can be a very helpful tool and it’s one that Denise has accessed, for anyone to use. The take-home message for sellers: buyers buy profit not potential.

Very pleased and excited that the message of “Finishing Unfinished Business” and even as importantly, the notion of building a business as an asset is slowly but surely getting out there. Clearly Westpac and the Ruby Connection see it as a topic worth sharing.

Even better to see this int he same publication as the launch this years 100 Women of Influence Awards. I’ll be curious to see how many of them are business owners who have built an asset, way larger than they had initially thought… time will tell


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