Yesterday, I had a call from a Business Owner who had had enough and wanted to get out. 21 years in business but now was the time to go… why?

  • Husband had suffered a stroke
  • parent had cracked the 90’s and was in need of care
  • they would have had 4 jobs in that timeframe
  • the Business Owner was no spring chicken herself
  • it all oiled down to being ready to sell up shop, take whatever they can and live happily ever after!

    Today, I received another call of a similar ilk.
    And yet another who had thought they’d sell but decided to just close up instead.

  • Is it about the Business Sale Tsunami, that many pundits have been predicting, being upon us?
  • Is it about appreciating family while you still have them?
  • Is it about Lifestyle choice?
  • Is it about just not wanting to DO it any more?
  • All of the above and more I expect..

    Needless to say, when going through this mind-game stuff, being the person confided in (and not having a vested interest), is such a a privilege. Assisting in the decision making process is not only personally satisfying, as I know it does good as it also provides a solution to a genuine need in our community. I must say I’m most pleased to be able to assist.

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