TRENDS REFRESHED infographic do fabulous work and this revisit is no exception.

Well worth revisiting these in relation to your business as well. What applies? What does not? What should apply? What should not?

We’re often asked what is happening with previous trends. Here we take a look at five: where they are now, where they are headed, and the many opportunities they continue to offer.

  • SELLSUMERS: Will there be any consumers left NOT making some money on the side?
  • MATURIALISM: It’s a raw, transparent, mature world out there – time for brands to grow up or give up.
  • POINT & KNOW: Get ready for a POST-POINT & KNOW future.
  • ECO-SUPERIOR: Why even ‘carbon-neutral’ won’t cut it.
  • MADE FOR BRIC: And now let’s get busy with MADE FOR N11.

With examples from UNICEF Sweden, Airbnb, L’Occitane, Google, Hong Kong’s Zero Carbon Building, and many more…

Read it in full here! » TRENDS REFRESHED infographic

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