After much soul searching, our client has decided that she must sell her business in order to get her family life back on track. This means an opportunity for the smart buyer as all the hard preliminary work required to launch a new business has been done!

Our client currently works in a demanding role within the IT industry. She decided to take on this “Project” as it is in an area which she is passionate about – namely Women’s Health & Well-Being. She started an extensive search and evaluation of available business opportunities and finally settled on this business based on her personal experience as a user of the service.

The business commenced operations in July 2012 in brand new premises, with a professional fit-out and new equipment.

• Specialising in non-surgical weight loss treatments that can effectively target excess fat in those areas that are often difficult to reduce with traditional exercise and gym equipment.
• As part of a growing national network (in excess of 60 studios) the business can take advantage of branding and marketing opportunities.
• Proven results based on extensive scientific research, no “gimmicks”.
• Does not require highly skilled labour to administer the treatment which sets it apart from other passive weight loss treatments in the market.
• Straight forward ownership model without the complication of a franchise system to adhere to.
Other aspects of the business:
• Growing client base
• Desirable location with good catchment area for potential clients
• No “stock” to invest in or manage
• Easy to manage business operation
• Potential for repeat revenue
• Low operational costs due to no ongoing consumables to purchase

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So why is it being sold now??
Over the last 6 months, changing circumstances have impacted on our client that have lead to:
• An increasing workload at the office (a senior IT management role) means more demand on her time
• Young family demanding more of her time
• The new business demanding more of her time

So it is with much regret (but necessary) that she is taking this step to consider and rebalance her priorities which includes deciding to sell the business. She is aware that she is unable to make the commitment necessary to ensure the business continues to grow to its full potential.

To facilitate a quick sale, our client is offering the business for sale at $20,000, which is:
• Below the establishment costs (in excess of $50,000)
• A new owner will be required to take over the excellent leasing agreements already negotiated for the equipment and business premises.

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