Met up with one of my favourite clients today. We have been on the “start with the end in mind” journey for 18 months and it continues to evolve. The beauty of going through this process over an extended period is that we explore, we try, we talk, we DO and we get closer to what the ideal exit will be, from their individual perspective.

When we started the process, it was about “renovating” the business ready for sale. Take it to market, sell it, get the cheque and eventually leave. But as we’ve continued down the path, the business has also been shifting and growing in its own right. No surprise there really. The point being is that nothing stands still, a business under renovation included.

Just when you think you’re ready to go to market, opportunities present, new excitement builds which in turn reenergises the business and the delays around exit inevitably begin. Now, thats OK if you can in fact go on forever, but as we know, life’s not like that!

So what we’re plotting and scheming now is how to take full advantage of the opportunities as they come live, as well as restructuring the business so that facilitating an exit is also still doable. Another chapter, another timeframe, another option. All doable, yes. Letting go of past confines and embracing new. Riding the wave, surfing it to the shore and winning the gong!

Looking forward to the next financial year…

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