When walking down Collins St Melbourne today, I came across a wallet lying spreadeagle on the footpath.

What would you do?

This is what I did…
1. picked it up
2. trawled through it in the hope of finding the identity of the owner
3. tried to make a few calls but no luck
4. did a White Pages search, based on Drivers License, and found the home number
5. left message on answering machine
6. “my name is Denise Hall and I have your wallet” was the message left
7. 2 hours later, my phone rings
8. 4 hours later, the wallet is collected
9. a bottle of champagne in turn was delivered, as a token of appreciation (which I was happy with too 🙂

What has intrigued me most though is the reaction of others to the above… without exception, the response was “that was very good of you”.


Isn’t this what you should do?
What is “good” about it?
Isn’t this the Right thing to do?
What would you have done?

Sure, it wasn’t the Easiest thing to do, but without doubt, it was the Right thing to do.

Time to enjoy a few bubbles now…


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