If any of these tickle your fancy,
please contact me by emailing
letting me know which one it is…




BS2 = Online Retailer
Heads of Agreement prepared, waiting for signatures… that didn’t come!
Plan B offer now on table.

BS3 Waiting on the Seller

BS8 Waiting on Seller
No joy with previous broker, conversation resumed.
Change of plans due to recent events…

BS9 = Specialist Leadership and Talent Management Provider
Completed Sellability Score.
Looking to a 2013-14 kick off, getting all ducks in a row in the meantime.

BS10 = Specialist Offline Retailer
Completed Sellability Score.
1st meeting completed, next steps discussed.
Waiting on financials.

BS11 = Hairdresser
Completed Sellability Score.
First chat booked April 8.

BS13 Specialist Equipment Provider
Completed Sellability Score.
Recommendations being pursued with favourable feedback.

BS14 Leading Book Supplier
Completed Sellability Score.
Financials received, more to come.

BS15 #1 in Google for This Offering
1st meeting (phone call) completed, Stage 2 financials due.

BS16 Furnishings Importer, 60% owned.
1st meeting (phone call) completed, Stage 2 financials due.

BS17 Specialist Offering
Completed Sellability Score
1st meeting completed, Stage 2 financials received, analysis to be done next week.

BS18 Beauty Salon
Initial phone received and followed up


The “Sellability Score” reports continue to dribble out each and every week. 
More calls to make as a result and more emails to send 🙂
Onwards and Upwards!


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