Business Success Radio

Today, I had the good fortune of being interviewed by Liz O’Dwyer of Business Success Radio.

We had met to discuss my afternoon with Seth Godin back in January 2, 2013, in New York City, which we did.

As is always the  case though when talking about  “The Icarus Deception” and Living your Art, my Art always comes into play… that being of working with Business Owners to start the process of Getting Out.

We Business Owners spend a whole lot of time in start-up and growth mode, as you should. But just like a job that you’ve been in 5 years for example, you do get sick of it. Either your business has to be reinvented or you do within the business. Neither exercise is easily done; doable – yes, but certainly not easy…

Business is NOT a Life Sentence, so lets talk about that…

(the interview will soon be live on BSR, be sure to tune in)

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