The Sellability Score

When you spend a lifetime trying to build a successful business, it leaves little time for much else, including thinking about an exit plan; but even if you are planning to pass the business on to family, you want to ensure you are offering them a valuable business. Whether you are creating an exit plan for the short term or for 20 years hence, it’s never too late or too soon to start understanding – and increasing – the value of your business.

Seventy percent of all business owners in today’s market plan to sell or pass their business on within 10 years. But 76% don’t have an exit plan, and many do not know the value of their business.

A well thought out exit plan can:

  • Protect the legacy of your business;
  • Build value for your business;
  • Provide financial security for your family and your stakeholders;
  • Make it easier to deal with any unexpected events (illness, accident or death); and
  • Help to prepare you and your business for the future.

The Sellability Score is a highly effective tool to initiate the process of building a plan. By using it as a gauge to measure how sellable your business would be today, it can help you focus on where to increase your efforts within your business. The online tool is quick and easy to use, and it generates a personal report that highlights:

  • What you should consider when thinking of transitioning your business;
  • How saleable your business actually is;
  • The likelihood of receiving a premium offer; and
  • What your financial options are.

Click here to access the Sellability Score, with my compliments…

After completing the questionnaire online, you will be provided with a score for your business and a summary of what the score means.

Meanwhile, I will be notified that you have completed the questionnaire and I will receive a copy of the comprehensive report for your business. Once I receive the report, I will set up a time with you so we can meet, review the recommendations together, and discuss any next steps required.

I’m looking forward to discussing your Sellability Score with you.


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